2022 Chevrolet Colorado is the Truck to Buy

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Chevrolet Colorado

Since Chevy Colorado was launched, it has attracted the attention of potential buyers and truck enthusiasts. Thus, the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado is equally good to be wanted by many pickup truck users who consider it to be a reliable truck.

When in Lexington Chevrolet dealership, you can get hold of this vehicle and opt for a test drive. However, you will want to know a few things about this pickup first.

Towing ability

Most people judge a pickup truck depending on its towing ability in its segment. This pickup truck can easily tow a maximum of 7700 pounds depending on the powertrain along with packages installed.

Also, one of the most opted packages is Trailer Sway, which has a feature that ensures stopping both the pickup as well as the trailer by automatic braking; this takes place only if a trailer is excessively swaying.

To be exact, the diesel model can tow 7700 lbs, while the V6 powertrain can tow 7000 lbs and its base one can tow 3500 lbs.

Mileage and performance of Powertrain

Colorado’s standard four-cylinder option provides people with a mileage of 19 mpg and 25 mpg in cities and on highways respectively.Its V6 engine offers 18 mpg in cities and 25 mpg on highways. However, people looking to get an ideal mileage should go for its diesel engine option as it delivers 20 mpg and 30 mpg in cities and on highways respectively.

Such high mileage is available due to its remarkable powertrains that one can choose to equip under a Colorado’s hood.

Its base powertrain comes with an automatic six-speed transmission, while its V6 is paired with an automatic eight-speed. The V6 delivers 308 horses while its diesel engine provides a remarkable 369 lb-ft torque; both these engines pair well with 2022 Colorado and is the reason for people to avoid the base powertrain and opt for either of these two.

Interior design

A spacious cockpit is what an individual will enjoy if they purchase a 2022 Chevy Colorado from a Chevrolet dealer Concord. The interior is designed adequately and loaded with features that make it a fun pickup to drive. From its storage bins to an appropriate spacious cabin, this is a remarkable pickup that offers not only performance but also comfort.

Other tech features equipped inside the cabin include intuitive touchscreens, a Wi-Fi hotspot, MyLink infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, etc. If you are curious to know more about this truck’s interior, then contacting a Chevy dealer is the ideal option.

Price of Colorado

The base model starts from $26,630; however, the ones you need to get is the Z71 or ZR2 trims, which costs $35,895 and $43,745 respectively.

Depending on your preference you need to check out these two variants and take a test drive before purchasing one. In its segment, the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado is, without a doubt, one of the ultimate pickups that you can choose for yourself. Just step inside a dealership and talk to the manager to know about packages available for installation and deals that favor you.

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