3 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Dresses for Your Girls Online

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3 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Dresses for Your Girls Online 1

The number of online shops selling girls’ clothing is steadily increasing over the years. Statista reported that the children’s dresses and skirts market generated over $17 million in 2020. The market is anticipated to grow at a rate of 4.7% every year.

The increasing numbers of kids online shops allow parents to have multiple selections when it comes to their children’s essentials. Still, trying to pick out ideal girls dresses from the overwhelming list of options can be hard. To avoid wasting money on unfit and inferior quality dresses, parents should consider the following factors when buying dresses for their daughters.

Factor #1: Quality of dresses

When parents purchase a dress for their daughter, one of the critical things they need to check is the quality of dresses. Due to children’s’ sensitive skin, they might get allergies from poor-quality products. Parents can try to check on the quality by reading through the product’s description, customer reviews, or directly inquire it from the manufacturer.

Before clicking on the checkout button, parents should consider the following:

  • The fabric of the dresses: When it comes to verifying the quality of a dress, the first qualification factor would be the fabrics. Dresses made of natural fibres, such as linen, wool, silk and cotton, can make the dress more comfortable and durable. Parents who wish to buy dresses made of synthetic fibres should at least make sure that the dresses are not purely made of synthetic, but have a mixture of natural fibres.
  • Brand of dresses: Although well-known brand indeed provides better quality dresses, parents do not necessarily need to buy branded, expensive dresses to obtain high-quality clothes for their kids. The current competitive market pushes most manufacturers to produce decent quality dresses to ensure their survival in the industry. Hence, buying pretty, decent-quality dresses with affordable price is achievable as long as parents are willing to do their homework in searching for reputable online shops with decent quality items.

Factor #2: Size of dresses

Before starting their online shopping journey, parents should know what size of dresses fit their daughters. Parents should also be aware that different nations have a distinct sizing standard. For example, the size of an Asian girl’s dress is slightly different from a Western girl’s size. Dresses tagged with 8T may fit Western girls aged 8 to 10 years old but can be too loose for Asian girls of similar age.

To look for the best-fit dresses online, consider the following tips:

  • Measure the child’s height and weight as some brands use this measurement as a basis
  • Measure the child’s hips, waist and chest, especially for toddlers and girls nearing the teenage years
  • Measure the length of the child’s leg, particularly for tall children

Factor #3: Needs or occasions

The dresses should be bought according to the needs or purpose of the dress. To ensure the appropriate girls dresses are chosen, consider the following factor:

  • Season: Consider what season the girls would wear the clothing. During summer, for instance, sleeveless dresses might be the ideal choice to feel less hot. In contrast, long sleeve dresses are better during cold climate.
  • Occasion: If the child wears the dress for formal events, floor-length gowns with gloves would be the best choice. On the other hand, dresses for daily use should be those that are comfortable.

Buying a dress for your princess online can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-timer. You need to consider several factors before checking out the dress. Some essential elements you need to consider are the dresses’ quality, size and purpose.

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