4 mistakes to avoid while choosing your hosting provider

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There are endless options of marketing strategies that promise you sales and client networks. One prominent solution that hasemerged as the best, is online sales. But to take your website online, you need a good hosting plan.

Before deciding to go with dedicated server hosting or shared web hosting, you have to take care of a few aspects so that you don’t commit the mistakes mentioned below.

1. Stay Away From Free Hosting Services

Free hosting services might seem attractive and a great option to save money. However, that is not the case, as free hosting will bring in unwanted pop-up ads on your website, which can drive genuine customers away from your business. You might save some money by not buying web hosting and opting for free hosting, but you will lose thousands of bucks while using free hosting. 

In simple words, free hosting isn’t promoting your business, but it is using your business audience to promote other businesses. Be aware and don’t fall for terms such as “free hosting” as it will only affect your sales. 

2. Trust Hosting Companies that Offer Refund

If your business website is facing downtime, then you may have to change your web hosting company to ensure the website works without any downtime. Some reliable companies offer a refund to their customers within a limited time if they feel that their hosting isn’t an ideal option for the customer. These leading companies may have higher charges, but they will also provide real-time support and quality uptime. Although, most of the companies offer a refund within 30 minutes if you are disappointed with their service. 

3. Selecting a Wrong Web-Hosting Plan

A common mistake that most SMEs make is ignoring the right hosting plan because it is expensive. Doing so will adversely impact the performance of your sales. It is vital to select the right web hosting plan to ensure that nothing stops your business. If all the stats recommend that you will need a VPS or dedicated server hosting, then there is no way that your business will achieve productivity with shared hosting. It is better to start with shared hosting in the early days and upgradeto dedicated hosting if your audience count steadily rises. 

4. Insufficient Technical Support

Every website needs technical assistance from the customer service team of the web hosting provider at some point. Prompt and efficient help is essential for your website, as a website represents your business 24X7. Downtime means you lose potential customers and business. It is essential to select a webhosting company that has a highly experienced technical support team that can provide you adequate support without delay. You can also test the customer service team by randomly sending emails or live chats.

Visitors would love to shop from websites that have their own presence; hence you must ensure that you avoid the above mistakes and go for authentic hosting companies to maintain the reliability of your brand.

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