7 Foods that Seriously Stain Your Teeth

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The perfect smile is the most coveted these days as it has a major contribution towards how others perceive you.
7 Foods that Seriously Stain Your Teeth 5

As a result, more and more people are taking care of their oral health to keep their teeth white, beautiful, functional and pain-free and retain their million-dollar smile.
So apart from opting for professional teeth whitening and taking care of your dental health there is one other thing that you need to take account of and that happens to be the food that you consume.
Here are some foods that can stain the teeth the most. Just read on.
  • Tea and Coffee – The tannins contained in the tea are the real culprits that make tea stains a challenge to be removed be it from table clothes or dresses or your teeth. If you are unable to give up tea, you should better opt for white or green teas and give up the black tea. This is because the white and green teas contain more benefits and stain the teeth much less.  Drinking coffee on a daily basis especially black coffee not only stains the teeth but also gives rise to bad breath. To dilute the staining powers of coffee you can add some coconut milk or almond milk.
  • Red and White Wine – Red wine can discolour your teeth to a great extent and you may have heard it many-a-times. But white wine can also stain the teeth though in a very different way.  The white wine comes with enhanced levels of acidity that can etch and erode the enamel as contrary to red wine whose staining ability is attributed to the dark tannins that can turn the teeth to different purple grey shades. Experts also believe that the acid creates pockets on the teeth surface that permit various staining agents to be seeped in deeper destroying the white colour of the teeth.
  • Sweets and Desserts – The sweets and desserts are delicacies, but they can actually rot the teeth. Sugars can get attached to the teeth feeding the bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.  Therefore, you can wind up with the black holes and darkened spots on the teeth.
  • Berries – The vibrant fruits like cranberries, blueberries and pomegranates are quite beneficial for you but they can stain your teeth to a great extent. These contain powerful pigments that can dye anything that come in contact with them although they are enriched with anthocyanins, flavonoids and antioxidants. At the surface of the teeth these pigments get entrapped that eventually alter the natural white colour. So attempt to limit the amount of consumption of berries per day and try to brush up after having them so that you can restore your pearly whites.
  • Energy and Sports Drinks – The enamels and sports drinks can erode the enamel too which can leave the enamel vulnerable for stains. The citric acids not only serve as the preservatives to enhance the shelf-life and flavour of the drinks, but the enamel is also getting eroded because of that.
  • Curry Spices – Although they are yummy to taste and are also healthy for the body, but the yellow, brown and red curry spices and powders can leave the teeth looking similar to the bold coloured spices. Ensure to rinse the mouth with water after enjoying curry. 
7 Foods that Seriously Stain Your Teeth 6

  • Coloured Sauces and Balsamic Vinegar – Though they are delicious to taste but the deeply-coloured sauces like tomato sauce, soy sauce and curry sauce are also believed to have substantial tooth staining potential. For the less damaging options you should consider the lighter cream sauces and you should rinse or brush the teeth soon after eating to control the damage. Balsamic vinegar is another culprit for damaging the teeth.  The sticky texture together with the dark pigments can stain the enamel of the teeth. Having greens with balsamic can prevent this type of vinegar from sticking to the teeth by creating a protective layer.
The above are some of the foods that can damage and stain your teeth. Apart from avoiding them, proper oral care and occasional teeth whitening treatments at the clinic of the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi will enable you to retain your pearly whites that you can flaunt with confidence year after year. 
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