7 Popular Data Science Workshop Themes You Should Attend

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7 Popular Data Science Workshop Themes You Should Attend 1

If you have a moderate level of understanding in Python and R coding languages, you can start attending workshops organized by major open source communities and enterprise groups. The question is: how to pick a workshop that would benefit you?

In this article, I have listed down the top themes in workshops related to the Data Science Python course.          

  1. Ethical AI ML Workshop

You would have come across all the goodies that AI ML offer to customers and sellers. But, have you ever tried to examine the pitfalls of relying on too much of Artificial Intelligence and Unsupervised Machine Learning? The real evils of AI ML are beginning to plague research programs around the world, especially in the fields of Data security and Information Management. Case studies on recent ransomware and data theft have revealed that AI ML have squeezed the benefits and begun to affect normal lives by putting data in the wrong hands.

A workshop on use of AI for fair purposes is something you must enroll right away.

  • STEM Projects

I call STEP workshops STEM-OOGLE… yeah– something we can associate with Google. Thanks to the increased popularity of AI ML data science courses among school going children, we are seeing a rapid rise of Workshop applications and forms filled by parents who want their wards to gain knowledge in smart technologies and techniques of “tomorrow’s future” .

From building an AI game for PC or mobile, to training kids design their own digital STEM projects, these workshops are very popular and adventurous , to say the least!

  • Democratizing AI for Everyone

AI benefits all — that’s how AI software makers have sold their products for so long, and they have been successful — no doubt. But, does the bottom line really benefit from using AI, when there is a serious dearth of sustenance resources. Consider AI for Africa, for example!

There are tons and tons of information on how AI can benefit everyone. But, do we realize that to run AI, countries need to have a stable internet connectivity, high tech mobile infrastructure, and above all the data center to cool down processors and super computers! The adoption of AI and data science comes at a cost not many people are able to readily understand. 

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We do… and that’s why we participate and organize workshops on democratizing AI for everyone, grabbing attention and seats from top AI researchers who are at the vantage point of putting their thoughts out, in a non-partisan manner.

Companies like Microsoft, H2O.ai, FACAEBOOK, Uber AI and others are putting immense volume of resources to make AI more accessible, easier to deploy and readily understood, even when there is no immediate application to put it to work in modern conditions.

That’s why AI for All, Ethical AI applications, and STEM projects are among the Top 5 workshop themes here.

  • Sports Analytics

This needs no specific explanation. We have examples from IBM, Microsoft, CISCO and Gooddata providing real-time analytics and embedded AI ML software to make sports more user friendly and content-driven. From reporting high end sports data in the form of various dashboards and pie charts, to providing predictive intelligence on a sports person’s performance through the event, or predicting the outcome of a match — there are a millions, if not billions of data points that supercomputing projects built by professionals with certified Data Science Python Course crack minute by minute during a global or local sporting events.

Next time, you see a tennis match or a Formula 1 race, don’t miss out on the data that goes up on your screen! It can be an exciting project for your upcoming summer internship.

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  • NLP and CNN Workshops

We have begun to put computers at the center of our lives. If not the PC, there would be its smaller sibling, a Smartphone on your palm that takes so much from you — sarcastic messages, GIFs, and voice-based search Queries. Did you know that on the scale of 0-10, a Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Translation (NLP / NLT) ranks the highest at 9.9.

Other popular themes that I would like to put here are – “Space Exploration using AI ML” and “Data Visualization Using AI ML”. We have already discussed about the data visualization projects and how they are crucial for a modern Business Intelligence and Business Analysis team. Let’s discuss on Space exploration themes in our upcoming series.

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