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Finally, you have time maybe even if it’s because of coronavirus but you after they have time to prepare a really good self-care routine while you are staying and working from home. This has given us a lot of opportunities to take real good care of ourselves especially because this is an immunity targeted disease and immunity remains good then obviously a body is well function well. And of course not that while we are staying home we can develop some really good habits especially that of making some homemade makeup that we can use from time to time. I know we also our favorite brands in putting on their makeup but while we are at home let’s just ditch them and switch to something natural and that will not harm our skin. And that’s why today I have brought for you all-natural lip balm gifts. these are handy lip balms and they don’t require a lot of ingredients you can easily stow them and because they are all-natural so you wouldn’t be just giving your lips a good color but also a lot of natural benefits from the fruit extract which we will be using in making these lip balms.  And then once you’re done making them these could be stored and used as a gift for your long lost friends and family members along with that you can send flowers to pune. So let’s check out these recipes – 

1) Beetroot Lip Balms 

We all know the much-awaited benefits of beetroot and it would be really good to incorporate it in our daily skincare routine and know when we can include it in makeup it is one of the best things to do. So to make this beetroot lip balm all you need is 2 beetroots grated and then grind them in a mixer. Now strength is a thick paste from a strainer and you will be left with sticker paste so you have to strain it once again until a liquid consistency is obtained. Now all you need to do is take the juice and boil it until it turns into a very thick liquid and is reduced to very less in quantity, gel-like consistency. Pour it into a clean container and then add to it petroleum jelly, if you’re sending it to any of your friends and family members and make sure to add dried flower bouquet online. 

2) Butter and Wax 

Well, we all love incorporating the ingredients that we eat or even if we are not eating them then using them in some of the other forms in our makeup because that’s how all-natural products are made. The second one in a category is nothing more than a very simple lip balm which is made up of cold-pressed coconut oil, beeswax, and butter and an essential of your choice. So all you have to do to make this lip balm is in equal parts (quantity can be increased and decreased based on as you are making them) take all the ingredients and simply melt and pour them into your containers. Now the last step remains to add 3 drops of essential oils to each container but that depends on quantity and how much fragrance you like. And though it is colorless what you are always free to add colors if you want to. And next time when you think of giving a nice gift to your friends and family members these lip balms would come in handy along with online birthday flowers  bouquet delivery in any city and they are the easiest things you can make. 

3) Rose lip balm  I know even before we all have discussed Rose lip balms but this time we’re going to make a very quick and easy recipe of the earlier versions which would and are required to many ingredients all you need some fresh rose petals to make sure that it is a wild rose the one which is grown at home and next to all you need is Shea butter. No blend rose petals in a jar and a double boiler at Shea butter and put the paste after rose petals add a little bit of grated beetroot. Now boil all the three on a medium flame until they are mixed and then strain it well. Now the streaming liquid should we boil for about 5 minutes and then you can put this mixture into a container. So now your all-natural 3 ingredients rose lip balm is ready the true at very little price. So next time when you decide to send the best cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, make sure to at this homemade Rose lip balms as a gift.

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