Are You Supporting And Motivating Your New Employee Adequately?

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Supporting And Motivating

Time and again, there have been a lot of debates around the probation period and extending the same. While it is necessary to have a probation period in place, the probation period extension should be done in the worst-case scenario only. Basically, the same should be done only when the new employee has lied about his skills and abilities. The same would be the only scenario wherein the employee would not be able to perform well. If the employee has boasted about his capabilities during the interview, he will surely not be able to showcase them at work in the span of the probation period, irrespective of how long or short it is.

But is it just the scenario? Can an employee not perform well only when he has lied or made false promises to you? Isn’t there any other side of the story? If you are nodding to this, you may need to rethink.

The other side of the coin is that you may not be supporting or treating the employee appropriately. There are multiple factors that can impact the performance of the new employee. Here are a few of them. At this time, you may need to not look at the probation extension letter sample but yourself, your company and the policies and culture that it has.

Anyway, let us look at the possible reasons:

  • The colleagues are not supportive- What do you do when you know when a guest comes to your home? You treat them nicely and help them be comfortable. So, what should you be doing when a new employee joins your office team who isn’t even a guest but a part of your work family now? You should be even more good to them. One reason the new employee is not performing well is due to lack of support or because the colleagues are not treating the employee well.
  • There is a generation gap/ Not a culture fit – Generation gap or age gap can also serve as a reason for low performance. For instance, you may have a team of young people in one department for which you have appointed a person for a different generation, disparities and differences in thought process and ideas are bound to happen. Remember people seek friendships as well at the workplace and when there is no one around to boost or cheer them up, they may start to feel gloomy. At this time, it would be more important to improve the hiring criteria and process while you may ultimately be required to see a probation extension letter sample and extend to the employee.
  • The review meeting has not been held- The review meeting should be kept at least two times before the probation so that you are able to know what is that the company lacks and what it is that the employee lacks. The expectations should also be made clear again.

So, make sure you are supporting and motivating your new employees well enough. If you won’t ultimately you will have to look at a probation extension letter sample and extend the same to the employee even when he is not at fault entirely.

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