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In current era of globalization, hospitality industry is assuming great significance and is developing rapidly into a very lucrative career option. Today hospitality management courses encompass training of various aspects of a business of hotel industry, tourism, housekeeping, catering etc. Several hospitality management colleges in India offer both diploma and degree courses, which in turn help an interested student to acquire the required skills and outlook which help them to efficiently handle any supervisory or managerial responsibilities in the Hospitality sector. The course on hospitality management focuses mainly on the application of management principles in the field of Hospitality. It involves both study as well as hands-on experience in various operational areas of Hospitality management such as Food Production, Beverage Service, Front Office Operations, House Keeping etc. The course also imparts major knowledge about Sales and Marketing, Human Resource management, Financial Management, Hotel and Catering Law, Entrepreneurship Development ,Property Management, Computers as well as Tourism Studies. An aspirant of hospitality management must have a good organizational background, good communication skill, amazing interpersonal skills and a zeal for self-discipline. He must be extrovert, co-operative, polite and respectful to the guests, and also he must have patience to deal with guest’s criticism even without his fault. All these skills are taught in the best Hospitality Management Colleges in Delhi

Eligibility Criteria for Hospitality Management

One must have a minimum qualification for Hotel Management course of class twelve. Students can choose from certificate diploma or degree course based on their interest level. However one must choose the best Best Hospitality Management Colleges in Delhi to get an excellent career.

Moreover Certificate courses may be of six months to one year time period, whereas a degree course is generally of three year duration.

Apart from private colleges there are some Government institutes too. Selection for Government colleges are done through an entrance examination which is held every year in the month of April. For selecting candidates, a group discussion and an aptitude test is held for final selection of the students based on which the students are selected.

Hospitality management students must possess excellent communication skills and intrapersonal skills to handle the customers with patience and delightfully such that they are able to leave an impact on their clients.

Career opportunities are growing for hotel graduates with the increasing competition in the hotel industry. Hotel industry has several departments such as operations, front office, food and beverages, accounting etc. Students can successfully pursue a career and can grow in any of the fields as per their convenience. Thus one should choose the best Hospitality Management Colleges in Delhi

Difference between Hotel Management and Hospitality Management

Though both terms are very similar yet there is a minor difference in both.

Hotel Management is focused on management of all aspects related to functioning of a hotel. It starts from the time a guest arrives at a hotel till the time he checks out. Thus the responsibility of all activities during the guest’s stay in the hotel forms a part of Hotel Management. Here are Top Hospitality Management Colleges in Delhi

However Hospitality is not always restricted to the hotel alone. Hospitality can be anywhere. For example the ‘Travel and Tourism’ industry looks to hiring of professionals from hospitality sector, of which hotel management is also a significant branch.

Thus students of hospitality management will definitely have a wider choice of employment options than a hotel management student. In fact, several MNCs and larger IT companies also employ hospitality management professionals to coordinate guest arrivals, meetings, dining and departure, while at their premises.

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