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bow hunting

So why are so many hunters taking up bow hunting these days?

Well, there are absolutely loads of reasons! Many hunters love and appreciate the quieter, more stealthy mode of bows. Meanwhile, those purists out there say it is a much more primal type of hunting that really connects them to nature and the experience in a way that guns just can’t match.

Other groups of hunters prefer bow hunting to guns as it seems to them a more humane way to make the kill. Others still, really don’t like the way that guns and the sound of gunfire shatter the silence and tranquillity of the woods or the fields. This can be especially true if hunting with children or dogs that are not yet trained to deal with the noise.

At the end of the day however, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, people from one end of the country to the other find hunting with bows very satisfying. Thinking of joining the movement and need some bow hunting tips? Read on for a few important points to keep in mind…

Like all equipment, no matter what niche or activity, it should be sturdy, reliable and up to the task. When it comes to crucial bow hunting tips, obviously it needs to be quiet.

The Bow Hunting market is huge and there are thousands of varying types of crossbows and traditional bows to choose from as well as compound bows, recurve bows and also longbows. All of these can vary quite significantly in their design as well as shape and size. The strength to draw a bow also varies greatly so a choice must be made in line with experience and personal strength when it comes to choosing a bow. You may end up upgrading your bow over time as a result of experience and an increase in your arm strength.

Here’s another one of my very important bow hunting tips…

Before you hand over your cash in the store or especially online, make sure you are aware of your local laws as they can also vary greatly between states and countries.

Another crucial factor of hunting with bows is in choosing the right arrows. Regardless of your targets, be it squirrel, hogs, deer or even ducks, the accuracy of your shot can be damaged if your arrows are the wrong length or weight for the job. In some cases, repeated use of the wrong weight arrow can also cause damage to your bow.

Not only do arrows come in a large range of materials to keep in mind, but your choice of the arrow also relates quite closely to the type of bow you are using. Users of the newer automatic types of bows mainly choose aluminium, carbon fiber and fiberglass arrows. Meanwhile, the more traditional type of longbow users also prefers a more traditional arrow such as those made from pine, cedar or other sturdy woods.

For the last of my bow hunting tips on arrows, the fletching (feathered area) on your arrows needs to be identified easily so choose one that is distinctive, bright and easy to see even in the densest of woods. Speed is also a prime issue to ensure that the nock or your arrow is easy to grip, especially when in a hurry.

Bow Hunting Tips For Out In The Field

When it comes to actually get out there on the hunt, many bowhunters are a little concerned with sharing their space with rifle carrying hunters. The good thing here for those of you that feel that way is that most bowhunting seasons are separate from rifle hunting seasons, so feel free to relax!

Still not sure? Bowhunters love doing deals with farmers and landowners allowing them to hunt on their land in private so don’t be afraid to ask around.
Perhaps one of the best advantages of bow hunting on private land is that you are not always limited to hunting one particular or nominated species. It’s all up for grabs!

If you have a love of hunting, the purity and excitement of hunting with bows simply have to be experienced! Like all areas of skill, however, the more you know, the better your experience will be!

I hope these bow hunting tips, especially around your equipment and what you need, have been helpful in getting you started!

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