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Maybe you want to install some cameras in your home or office and want to know more about CCTV cameras… “CCTV” means closed-circuit TV it is a self–contained surveillance system comprising cameras, recorders, and displays for monitoring activities.

In the old days, a CCTV system was made of an analog system with VHS and VCR for each camera to record. Today we have much more advanced technology, and digital network cameras are used to transmit over wi-fi which offers high quality and flexibility and unlike analog cameras, wi-fi cameras are easy to be added anywhere.

CCTV transmits the footage back to a number of monitors and it is used for security, monitoring and surveillance purposes.

Record your videos is so important when a CCTV camera spots something of interest, a recorder ensures you can always go back and view it later. You can set up your cameras to record everything they capture, but that will take a lot of storage space. To avoid that, you may want to program your cameras to record only during a given period of the day or when they detect movement.

Some people ask if CCTV is something legal, well, if you install it on your property, you don’t need any kind of permission as long as it doesn’t violate any neighbor’s privacy.

Why is it so important to have a CCTV at home?

It can be used to avoid home invasion and can also be used as evidence, in case of legal problems, to prevent burglary and it can be used for monitoring pets, kids and people in general.

Costs of a CCTV installation will vary depending on the number and type of CCTV units to be installed, the price may also be affected by the size of your home.

But how a CCTV system really works?

The camera itself captures the video source, records a sequence of images and transmits by cable or a wireless connection, most of the cameras won’t record audio, security cameras don’t use a lot of electricity and can also work without an internet connection.

Some points have to be observed before choosing a CCTV camera, most of the time a cheap product may become expensive when you have a poor-quality material. Always check the warranty rules, this is key to avoid unexpected expenses.

Understand your camera capabilities, this will make it easier to identify problems and get the best quality your camera can offer, select the best camera position and consider using support lighting, this may influence image quality.

Compare and choose the types of cameras, analog or HD. Analog cameras have been around for years and are still the most common type of CCTV camera installed today. HD has a high definition and may provide a better quality of the image.Whether your goal is to avoid burglary, prevent vandalism, monitor traffic, or keep an eye on your nanny and your pets, CCTV can provide significant benefits.

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