Data Scientist Salary 2024- All You Need to Know

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If you’re an aspiring data scientist or are planning to get promoted, here are the top data scientist salaries on display. But before we get into this, it is worth knowing that the average data scientist salary in the United States this year is a reported $124,512 (Source: Indeed).

Since the data science industry encompasses a lot of occupations and job titles, we cannot always base the salary on the beginner’s or senior data scientist’s salary. Let’s have a look at the salaries in detail for each area.

A Guide to Data Scientists’ Salary

When it comes to a data scientist’s salary, several factors impact the compensation. These include:

1.    Experience

Having significant experience is vital in influencing a data scientist’s salary. Generally, more years of experience make it to higher pay. This is why an entry-level data scientist earns less compared to the ones with years of experience.

2.    Skill

Having a specific skill set to your name also makes a lot of difference in the salary. Moreover, a specialized skill set such as natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning might be an added advantage for those opting for a higher position. This is primarily why a senior data scientist’s salary is more than the entry-level salary.

  • Location

A very common factor is that geographic location mostly determines the variations in one’s salary. This is due to the living standards and demand for data scientists in varied locations.

4.    Industry

This occurs due to the complexity of work offered in some fields. Additionally, a quick background check can reveal the nature of one’s education. It is common for people with master’s or PhD in certain vocations to expect more salary.

Popular Certifications of Data Science

Multiple data science certifications co-exist from which interested aspirants can decide to opt for a learning course.

  1. USDSI® – The United States Data Science Institute is a name data science aspirants trust while designing a career graph for themselves. Not just that, top industry recruiters vouch for candidates who are well-equipped with credible data science certifications from USDSI® among many others. USDSI® is a premier credential provider, catering to every need of the aspirants and allowing massive career push. They have showcased a consistent success rate of yielding top-rated data scientists worldwide.

They are committed to filling the talent gap at the earliest, and this is why the quality training and certifications: CLDS™ (Certified Lead Data Scientist for Intermediate professionals), CSDS™ (Certified Senior Data Scientist for seasoned professionals), and CDSP™ (Certified Data Science Professional for Beginners). This could just be the beginning of a career path that leads you to your career goals in a swifter manner. Trusting the seasoned players in the data science certification arena is sure to reap you a career that lasts the longer term with higher credibility and return.

  1. IBM – The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate equips learners with essential data science skills, covering Python, SQL, machine learning, and more through hands-on projects. It offers a comprehensive pathway to acquire practical knowledge in the field of data science This certificate is designed by IBM experts to foster proficiency in data science methodologies and tools.
  1. Microsoft – The Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate certification validates expertise in designing and implementing solutions. By doing so, it analyzes data using Azure services. Additionally, it showcases proficiency in machine learning, data exploration, and transformation in the Azure environment. This certification teaches Azure’s tools for building and deploying intelligent data solutions.

Average Data Science Salaries to Earn in 2024

To increase your chance of upskilling and landing the job of your dreams, go for advanced credentials. Designed for working professionals, the certification courses validate learning in areas inclusive of Generative AI, prompt engineering, and more. Let us throw some light on actual figures.

RoleEntry-level data scientist salaryMid-level data scientist salarySenior data scientist salary
Predictive Modeler$47,867$80,184$134,319
Database Administrator$65,816$96,086$140,277
Analytics Manager$78,975$117,176$173,856
Machine Learning Engineer$103,840$160,785$248,957
Data Scientist$81,572$124,512$190,056
Quantitative Analyst$74,855$124,273$270,412
Computational Linguist (in AI/NLP)$54,811$91,558$152,942
Business Intelligence Analyst$59,167$90,585$138,685
Data Architect$97,482$131,410$177,146
Data Mining Engineer$57,660$94,381$154,488
Cloud Engineer$82,484$124,592$188,197
Data Engineer$81,002$126,020$196,058
Data Visualization Specialist$12.88 hourly$24.50 hourly$46.58 hourly
Research Scientist (in Data Science/AI)$55,068 $99,356 $179,265

(Source: Indeed)


For those who plan on getting on the data science bandwagon, skills are a must-have. Apart from these, other factors like the latest technology and the growing Silicon Valley environment contribute to a data scientist’s salary. Get certified today! The best way to get into the field is by taking a certification that helps you make an impact in the field.

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