Ferrari facts you need to know

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Ferrari facts you need to know

Synonymous with luxury, wealth and status, a Ferrari car is on the wish list of every sportsman, film star and lottery winner. With so much money being spent on the car you the new owners will want to make sure they have somewhere safe to store it at home. This would be an ideal time to get hold of a Garage Door Repair company located at links like  to come and solve any issues they might have and possibly add more security. But did you know that Ferrari didn’t enjoy Formula 1 success until after the death of Enzo Ferrari? There may also be a few other facts you didn’t know…

Formula 1

As the first team to reach one hundred wins in the Grand Prix, Ferrari, under the helm of Alain Prost, made this incredible achievement in 1990 at the French Grand Prix – two years after Enzo’s death. Then, in 1992, there were further celebrations, when Scuderia Ferrari completed its 500th race at Belgium’s Grand Prix.

Limited edition

Aged 50 in 1995, Ferrari decided to release a limited edition car in celebration of its birthday milestone – the Ferrari F50 – of which only 349 were built. Setting you back somewhere in the region of $680,000, the Ferrari F50 could hit one hundred kilometres per hour in just under 4 seconds and could carry you up to speeds of 323 km/ph! Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Auction fail

Despite Ferrari’s reputation for expensive, high performing and well built cars, the car manufacturer hit the headlines in 1985 when a 330GT model was sold for just £10,000 – the then price of a Ford Granada – at a Sotheby’s auction. The reason behind this isn’t too clear but it was only a temporary setback for Ferrari, as other auction results show.

Michael Schumacher

As the recipient of the highest salary among fellow sportsmen, Ferrari’s first driver, Michael Schumacher, became the most successful and famous driver of his time in the late 1990s. If you have always wanted to get up close and personal with an F1 event and to experience some of the luxury enjoyed by the drivers and the teams then you should just do it and treat yourself.


Ferrari has got company and brand marketing and awareness spot on and as such, now competes with the likes of Hollywood and Disney in the popularity stakes. The prancing horse logo can be found in stores worldwide on toys, sports goods, clothing and accessories and even has its own theme park. The World of Ferrari, first opened in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, can also be found in France & Spain.

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