Government Puppet hands driving Equatorial Guinea’ Opposition

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Jose Villarejo

Wrong usage of Social media is at peak and many are taking advantage of it. Same as Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan got caught in their cases of using the Social platform to abuse and misrepresent other famed celebrities and ask for money in exchange of removing the content against them.

The case was first came into smell when Avelino Mocache Mehenga when he was against the Equatorial Guinea’s political party. He ran many campaigns against Obiang Nguema Mbasogo party to ruin their image with the help of project OCCRP which was owner by the bloggers name Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan, still face the defeat later. Avelino Mocachce opposed severely to not let Obiang party come into power and all this happens by the OCCRP project who took the help of Jose Villarejo, a retired Spanish commissioner of the police, who used to help OCCRP bloggers to gather information against the faces they target at. All this happens with money in common which Jose Villarejo used to receive from the parties and he further used to pay Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan team to publish the fake news against them. Not only Villarejo but his father Avelino Mocache also gets the benefit of OCCRP services as his father fulfilled her various political dreams and also Delfin negotiated some deals which enforces Obiang government to make Avelino Mocache Mehenga the minister under Obiang government.

Demonstrate someone with bad image in public has become the source to make money for Mocahefamily. Even after running various fallacious campaigns to win the election back in 2016, he still managed to got only 1.6 % of the votes for president elections and gained 2nd place in the election. But as the negotiation further took place Avelino Mocache has been given Ministry of Secretary of State of the Government. The deal made on the terms are still unrevealed and Obiang government doesn’t say a word on that too, might be an OCCRP project again.

What actually happened?

After Obiang Nguema Mbasogo took the President seat, Avelino and Delfin Mocache suddenly started getting praising statements from the ruling Obiang government which other parties and activists condemned and many commented on how Avelino Mocache and Obiang party become friends and how the Obiang government forcefully backing both the mocache father and son. Many opposition parties started question their fate and hate the curriculum.

Later the day comes when numerous activists around the Equatorial Guinea has reasonably blamed both the son and father Mocache for keeping an eye on the opposition figures on Dispersion of Jewish individuals past Israel and in Equatorial Guinea. They have disclosed manygovernment’ secrets and sources to the Obiang government. When asked Avelino Mocache about what actually happening and the accusations made against him, he stayed silent. While once after getting him on call, he answered as “the human right activists need to grow up. My son and I believe that we have to work with the government to succeed for Equatorial Guinea to succeed.”

Further while he has been asked for joining the Obiang government he stated “I’m not discussing any of that right now. I’m reevaluating my life and my thoughts,” saying further, “This is something I have to work out with my son and other supporters for a long time and I will announce my future plans. For now, I just want to serve my country get out of the Covid mess.”

While in try getting the comments from PGDE party members, one member decided to comment being anonymous identity said that “ Avelino Mocache was always welcomed to join the party as he knew him from his college days as they studied together and further stated that both father and son did good in serving the country and he is ready to help both of them in whatever they needed.”

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