How Does Metabolism Work: Here Is The Answer!

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Metabolism is an oft-repeated term. However, many individuals do not even have an inkling about its significance and importance in the daily functioning of the body. It suffices to know that metabolism is a biochemical process that occurs within the body constantly. It drives several essential functions required to stay alive.  It is further interesting to note that this biochemical process converts the nutrients derived from food into energy. This may prompt you to ask How Does Metabolism Work after all? True, the short description does not reveal a lot of details. You have to make an effort to know more about the process to understand its significance in the life of every human being.

How Does Metabolism Work?

It is time to get some answers now. The procedure during which the nutrients from food are transformed into energy is based on oxidation. Almost all bodily actions are regulated by metabolism 24X7. You will be astounded to know that it is metabolism that plays a role in respiration, circulation of blood, achieving hormonal balance as well as the growth of cells and repair of damaged muscles.

It is indeed strange to note that the body requires energy as it rests too. The quantity of metabolic rate during rest is termed the basal metabolic rate or BMR. The amount of muscle mass is the main factor here. Your BMR will also depend on the following apart from muscle mass…

  • Size of the body and its composition
  • Gender
  • Age

Used For Digestion

Metabolism must generate enough calories to be transformed into energy constantly. This indicates that you must eat properly too. It is important to know that about 10% of the calories are utilized for digestion and synthesizing nutrients. This quantity remains unchanged whereas the extra calories consumed may be stored as fat in the body.

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Used for Movement

Any kind of activity burns calories dispensing energy in the process. Even walking a few steps will burn some calories. However, you may end up burning more calories when you exercise vigorously or cycle and swim. This may affect the storage of fat and make you lose weight. You cannot burn calories at will though. You may be able to increase the BMR appreciably to ensure weight loss. The physical activity guidelines for Americans recommend the following for effective results:-

  • Aerobics- It is necessary to indulge in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity to lose weight and maintain the loss effectively. This must be done regularly preferably every day. However, you may exercise more to meet exalted fitness goals.  Other types of moderate physical activities include brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, and mowing the lawn. The level of intensity increases when you decide to do yard work or run at a fast pace for half an hour each day.
  • Strength training- You may indulge in strength training by addressing all the muscle groups to maintain a steady loss of weight.

Learning How Does Metabolism Work may not help you to slim down unless you are ready to work hard. Be sure to consult a physician if your BMR is too high or too low.

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