How Managed Cloud Services is changing industries globally

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Managed Cloud Services

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Managed Azure Services, can be that why does one need to manage cloud / web services like Azure? Microsoft Azure is a highly utilitarian cloud service platform that can easily maximize your company’s technology needs, however this wide range of power comes a high amount of complexity and this is the exact reason that there is an entire industry dedicated to assist businesses in building and managing systems build on Azure services.

The advantage of working with us is that you will be able to employ the most comprehensive set of Azure services and capabilities, a good example of Azure managed services is Azure Stack which is an extension of the Azure cloud which is built on trusted hardware and distributed by approved vendors where developers get the option of collecting and running data on a public cloud or even on remote locations with the option of migration of work environments as per the needs of the company / developer. within the Azure cloud platform with ready to implement modular services like Azure Active Directory and integrate them with a custom Azure DevOps solution with video and GPS verification to ensure that the delivery of high value articles is made at the right location.

Another useful tool in the Managed Azure Services portfolio is Azure Identity Management, it is also known as Azure Active Directory is a solution for identity and access management which brings together access directory services, application access management and identity protection access filters in a unified functioning layer and can be useful for several services including and beyond the following for example: Security and Compliance of Data; Data Backups and Recovery; Emergency and Disaster Services; Development and Testing and Network Services etc. The depth of Azure Identity Management as an Identity and Access Management (IAM) is highly useful to grant level access such as reader, commenter and editor to the owner and moderator of the service. An identity created through Azure Identity Management can easily be integrated with other services on the Microsoft Portfolio like the Microsoft 365 where a company’s documentation can be streamlined as per the role of the employee and access level for e.g. the corporate in-house lawyer will be able to access / edit all legal agreements whereas the revenue department will be able to access the financial spreadsheets with complete control on data access and secutity.

Azure DevOps is an excellent tool to plan, develop, test and deploy cutting edge applications within a time optimized release cycle to deliver quality solutions within targeted deadlines. This is a Software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides end-to-end solution that provides a continuous integration and continuous feedback cycle to deploy and maintain an effective application environment enabling constant real-time communication within different organizational roles to ensure always-on performance. Developers and clients have the option to choose from several Open Source, Free, Paid and Enterprise tools that range across Database Automation, Testing, AiOps, Security, Deployment and several other operations. A proficient Managed Cloud Service Provider (MSP) selects the correct array of tools to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions to their client.

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