How To Have Smooth And Silky Hair

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Smooth And Silky Hair

You might be gorgeous and you need to accept this fact. If your hair does not look great, it is not the mistake of your hair and you are responsible for it. The hair ceases to be beautiful and you need to take all possible efforts in order to preserve the beauty of your hair. In case if you are not taking care of your hair strands it might look ugly and filthy. To frizz and dried hair the list of problems with hair is endless. With a certain degree of effort and planning, you can cope up with issues of dry hair.

The time is right to work on some hair tips and ensure you have a smooth and flowing hair. Just because you are taking care of your hair does not mean that you might be burning a hole in your pockets. For example, you can opt for the use of best medicated anti dandruff shampoo in India that provides you hair with pristine looks. Yes you have heard it right as the hair can be treated with a proper routine. Rather than resorting to the purchase of numerous products you can plan to take proper care of your hair from the comfort of your home. Let us follow a series of tips that would help you to take proper care of your hair.

Oil treatment of your hair

Right from the childhood days, you might have been reminded that hot oil therapy is the best treatment for your hair. Natural oils like coconut or oil make up the texture of your hair and help to reinstate moisture of brittle and dry hair. This is an age-old method that restores the lost sheen on your hair, prevents breakage and ensures that your hair is not damaged.

The most common method for oil treatment is coconut oil. This is embedded with fatty acids and vitamins that nourish your scalp. This works as a deep conditioning as the mark left behind goes on to pose wonders of your hair. Though you can try this with different types of oil, always opt for one that suits your needs better. The moment you massage your hair with coconut oil you would gain the best experience. Just massage the head from the roots up and that too in a circular motion. Ensure that you are going to leave your hair for a few hours or even you can leave it overnight. Then you can wash them later to have a soothing experience. Then you can even wash it off with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo in India.


For listless and dull hair, eggs are an excellent remedy. This provides the much-needed nourishment to your hair. It is loaded with vitamin A, D, and E which is responsible for maintaining and managing the texture of your hair. The egg yolk that is high in terms of fat content makes your hair softer. If you are planning to follow the treatment on a regular basis, opt for an egg mask.

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