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Matt Davies Harmony Communities

According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, Labrador retrievers are a wonderful breed of dogs that are highly intelligent and adorable. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it has consistently ranked as the most popular dog in America for 31 years in a row. Let’s check out the best color Labrador.

The Discussion

1. Common misconceptions – Due to pop culture and anecdotal examples, certain Labrador colors have made a false perception in most people’s minds. For instance, people think of yellow Labradors as guide dogs for the blind, brown Labradors as show ring dogs and pet homes, and black Labradors as more suited for tracking, sniffing, and gundog work.

However, those are just generalizations and color have nothing to do with the role that is more suited for the dog. Training a yellow Labrador can make it an equally good dog for security forces as a black Labrador. With that out of the way, let’s check out the different colors of Labrador retrievers. 

2. Yellow Labrador – Yellow Labradors are great for several roles and are mostly used as service dogs. They have a calm temperament, are easy to train, and are full of affection for their owners. They are highly receptive to all sorts of high levels of training and have a very photogenic look that can gain thousands of followers and likes on social media. They’ll make great pets irrespective of the role you want to assign them.

3. Fawn Labrador – Some people refer to yellow Labradors as fawn Labradors. However, those colors have subtle differences. Fawn Labradors have a color that’s slightly darker than traditional yellow Labradors. Due to the subtle differences, fawn isn’t even an officially recognized Labrador color. You won’t find any AKC-registered pet store or breeder selling fawn Labradors.

4. Fox Red Labrador – Technically, fox red Labradors are a branch of yellow Labradors. They come from a line of working dogs and have shorter hair with an orangish coat. While Fox Red isn’t registered as an official Labrador color by the AKC, they are recognized by many reputable breeders.  

5. Black Labrador – Black Labradors are the darlings of security and paramilitary forces across the world. They are favored as gundogs. However, they can also be wonderful and loving companions. Most people ignore them as regular pets since black is the most common color among Labradors. However, you won’t regret the choice when you adopt one.

6. Chocolate Labradors – Brown Labradors are well established in North America as hunting dogs for decades despite their popularity in show rings. However, they can also be great family pets since they are quite obedient, sociable, and have fewer health problems. They also have longer lifespans. 


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you choose a Labrador color that you prefer. The color hardly makes any difference in the behavior, intelligence, or other aspects of the dog. Instead, you should pay more attention to how the dog has been bred. That affects the health and temperament of your dog.Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you choose

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