Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Islamabad

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Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Islamabad

When bored, tourism is one of the healthiest hobbies to engage in. Due to a lack of time and knowledge on where to go on a trip, many individuals across the world are sitting at home doing nothing productive. Islamabad may be the ideal destination for you if you’re seeking a city with a diverse range of attractions. There are several activities available in Islamabad, ranging from sightseeing to cuisine sampling to fun-filled activities. 

One of the greatest locations to live in is Islamabad. We’ll inform you about the most gorgeous spots in Islamabad in this post. Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, is nearly totally cut off from the rest of the country. It is not a popular tourist destination, and it lacks the mountains to the north that draw visitors. So, “What are the finest locations to visit in Islamabad?” you’re undoubtedly wondering. 

People from all over the globe come to Pakistan to visit the heavenly sites. Many ancient remains of civilizations dating back over 5000 years, as well as stunning views, heavenly waterfalls, huge valleys filled with breath-taking beauty, and high mountains for experienced climbers, may be found. If you are planning to go there? Look no further and book etihad airlines reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight. To make it easy for you, we’ll show you around Islamabad’s most picturesque spots that will leave you astonished and refreshed. Read on to find more about these.

Rawal lake Islamabad

From the Margalla Hills, an artificial reservoir in Islamabad’s Malpur village district, the Korang River drains into Rawal Lake. The location is surrounded by simple gardens with picnic areas under a shaded sky and offers a tranquil setting in which to spend time with your loved ones.


This is one of Islamabad’s most popular tourist destinations. Saidpur is a historic hamlet with a long history near Islamabad’s Margalla Hills. It used to be a Hindu hamlet where Hindu devotees from all over the world would gather to pray. The ruins of the hamlet are still visible today, and visitors visit them on a regular basis. 

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Intriguingly, there are numerous haunted locations to explore in Islamabad, including the Shah Allah Ditta Caves. It is one of Islamabad’s most popular tourist destinations. The ancient Shah Allah Ditta Caves, nestled in the foothills of Margalla, are a must-see. The town surrounding the caverns is estimated to be 700 years old, and it formerly functioned as a link between Kabul and Gandharan City. The caverns are estimated to be about 2400 years old, according to historians. The caverns are claimed to be Buddhist relics, Aurangzeb period relics, and Hindu period relics. Try this spot if you want to see the sunset in Islamabad.

Pakistan monument Islamabad

The Pakistan Monument is situated in the Shakaparian forest, which is flanked by mountains that provide a panoramic view of the city. It is devoted to those who have put their futures on hold for the sake of our present. The Pakistan Monument is a symbol of the Pakistani people’s togetherness. It resembles a petal-closed flower, with its towering granite slabs reaching towards the sky. It’s as though the players exchange hugs before each game.

Lok Virsa

It is one of Islamabad’s most popular tourist destinations. Near Shakarparian Road lies the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum. The museum is a symbol of Pakistan’s history and culture. The museum pays homage to Pakistan’s vibrant cultures and traditions. The museum first welcomed visitors in 1974. There are also many structures and an outdoor museum at the museum. 

Faisal Mosque

Another attraction in Islamabad is the Faisal Mosque. It is the country’s largest mosque, with a magnificent design, which makes it one of the greatest locations to visit. The mosque can accommodate 100,000 people at a time, with an additional 200,000 in the courtyard area. This is a location where you don’t even have to be religious to appreciate it. Because of its distinctive design, the building is quite intimidating. The structure is fashioned like a Bedouin tent, as opposed to the dome-shaped exteriors that are typical of mosques.


Tiger Temple, Asian Wok, Texas Steakhouse, Petit Brugge, and Roasters are all good places to eat foreign food. Kitab Cafe, Secret Sky, and 1969 are some of the places to visit in Islamabad at night. With such beautiful destinations, plan a vacation and book your trip to Islamabad with AirlinesMap and enjoy the historic experience & stunning views of this place before it’s too late!

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