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XL People Counting is the most progressive infrared individuals counter . It is exact, dependable, simple to introduce, low support, and truly moderate. Numerous retailers, libraries, exhibition halls, and different organizations are exploiting the numerous advantages these frameworks give. Practically any sort of business can profit by the information our People Counting System provide.

  • Size:65*60*25mm
  • Remote association with the information collector
  • 3-40 meters range or more
  • Battery: up to 1.5 year(replaceable battery)
  • System accessible
  • Directional information: in, out and stay information.
  • Detailed and abridged examination outline
  • GPRS transmission accessible
  • Reasonable for chain stores ( boundless number)
  • WinXP/Win2000/Win7 framework support

Retailers are utilizing our People Counting to decide deals to client proportions and pinnacle client traffic times from an hourly, day by day, week after week, month to month point of view.

Libraries are picking our People Countings, since they give a truly reasonable answer for programmed tallying of their guests during a specific timeframe. A few libraries are in any event, utilizing our remote individuals tallying framework and programming bundle to monitor their pinnacle hours for operational purposes.

Thermal People Counter

Warm counters are the most generally utilized individuals tallying arrangements. Warm counters precisely distinguish individuals by their body heat profile and can in this manner check bi-directionally in any event, when various individuals are passing at the same time.

Perfect for general individuals traffic counter, estimating live in habitance and a scope of security applications, they are broadly used to screen footfall in the vehicle, banking, retail, security and recreation businesses. Warm counters are non-meddlesome and unaffected by light, heat or lifeless things, which can destabilize different advances. Their typical exactness is over 96%.

Camera People Counter

Camera based People checking , equipped with 3D Depth Technology and video reconnaissance usefulness, giving constant exact following video and high precision tallying up to 98%. The stereo camera creates information data, for example, individuals

checking, stream way following that applied to in store design improvement, limited time assessment, staff arranging, and the control of administration times, giving entrepreneurs key measurements to adequately settle on working choices and increment ROI. Mounted over a store entrance, the double focal point camera empowers the stereo vision to precisely follow the 3D places of items moving over the field of view. Grown-ups or kids, single people or gatherings, can be recognized from non-human articles, for example, shopping baskets and buggies, giving precise tallying examination even at the busiest and most blocked occasions.

Video Based Overhead Sensors

This kind of framework is roof mounted and utilizes video to follow client pedestrian activity in your business. They work best in steady lighting conditions and give profoundly point by point data about clients entering and moving around your foundation.

Geniuses: They can cover a wide territory when joined with numerous video-based units. You can catch video remotely utilizing a workstation or tablet associated with the web. This innovation likewise can channel trucks, youngsters, and carriages, giving a progressively precise tally of genuine customers versus all out number of individuals in the store.

In the event that the force were to go out, these frameworks are furnished with a blaze memory that can amass to ten days of data.Software redesigns are simple for video-based overhead sensors and can likewise acclimate to lighting and climate changes.

CONS: Video-based frameworks are more costly than infrared and warm individuals counters. Shadows, foundations and conflicting light levels can influence the precision of these frameworks.

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