Pregnancy Contraction Timer: A reliable pointer of impending birth

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pregnancy contraction timer

Pregnant mother and their labour coaches will want to have a good pregnancy contraction timer on hand when their big moment arrives. The decisions of when to ringone’s doctor and when to go to the mother carecentre often hospitalon how far apart the contractions are. While the contraction intensity may seem high and important, every expectant’s experience of pain is different, so the most reliable pointer of impending birth is how far apart the contractions are. A good pregnancy contraction timer can keep track of this for expectant so that she can concentrate on the work at hand.

What is Contraction?

Contractions means cramping or tightening sensation which starts in the back and moves around to the front of the lower belly in a wave-like manner. Others say that the contraction feels like pressure in the back. During a contraction, the abdomen of the expectant becomes hard to the touch. In the deliverywork, the process of labour is done through a series of contractions. These contractions result the upper part of the uterus to tighten as well as thicken when the cervix and lower portion of the uterus stretch and relax. It helps the baby pass from inside the uterus to the birth canal for delivery.

Labour Contractions

In the weeks leading up to one’s child’s birth, Braxton Hicks Contractions would be a regular occurrence. These contractions differs in intensity; while some expectant may feel that they are going into labourfor these contractions, other do not even notice the same.On the other hand, labour contraction, are usually unmistakable. Once mother is sure that she is having labour contractions and not Braxton Hicks contractions, it is time to start measuring how far apart her contractions are. In the present century, this is much more easily done digitally than with a pregnancy contraction timer.

Contraction Timer

Contraction timer is an excellent resource not only because of it is easy to use, but also for its recordkeeping capabilities. Typically contractions are not equally spread out in time that can make the decision of when to call the care giver or go the hospital difficult. If one contraction is five minutes from the previous one, but then the next contraction is ten minutes from that one, making a general comment about how far apartone’s contractions are becomes difficult. A contraction timer’s current window of timedisplays the average length and time between contractions. Some of the timers also keep the record of the last 24 hours and/or however long one’s contractions have been going on.

Android Timer

Like the iPhone app a similar app exists for the Android, and its’ download is free. Though, be awareof the application, because it gives a reading of the contraction timing which is measured from the end of the last contraction reading to the beginning of the following contraction. One’s doctor will be wanting to know how far apart her contractions are from one contraction to the next one. Because time between contractions before going to hospital is necessary to track the exact labour occurrence.

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