Quick Home Remedies For Oral Cancer

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Quick Home Remedies For Oral Cancer 1
Cancer is ranked first and has overtaken diabetes, while it’s estimated that many men and women die out of mouth cancer. Oral cancer is like that of mouth cancer that occurs at any part of the mouth be tongue, tongue, lips, the floor of the mouth or could be salivary glands. In this article, we discuss tips for preventing oral cancer. Mouth cancer is most commonly seen in men compared to girls and in those people, who eat gutka, tobacco, smoking, frequent drinking of alcohol, chewing battle nuts, certain medical conditions like Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, human papillomavirus infection.
In some, it is noticed that people experiencing mouth cancer do not produce any signs but for many symptoms include stains in the liner of the tongue, sore throat, swelling of the mouth, lump or thickening of the skin, pain, loosening teeth. This oral cancer is regarded as one among the part of head and throat disease. Precautionary steps can be taken using natural remedies for treating oral cancer.

Home Remedies for Oral Cancer

1. Mouth Rinse

Oral hygiene is quite important and keeping the mouth clean is one of the main and also the first and foremost step in controlling and minimizing the further development of oral cancer. One needs to always rinse your mouth thoroughly for at least three to four times a day, with the help of the household items, which are readily available at home.
Make a fresh, readily available mouthwash, by adding half a teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt; then combine it with warm water and simmer your mouth for two to three times every day and wash the mouth with plain water. Salt and baking soda acts as a very good substance in treating oral cancer that helps in handling the disease effectively.

2.Lemon Important

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and other nutrients, which is helpful in treating mouth cancer or even oral cancer. There’s a decrease in the immunity levels and vitamin C is decreased in the case of mouth cancer. So, consuming chemicals which are rich in Vitamin C may be of use.
Lemon juice, when taken for about two to three times a day, may be helpful, since it promotes up the immune system slowly and helps to fight against cancerous cells causing oral cancer. Lemon is considered to be rich in anti-inflammatory land, and it shields the fresh cells or the cells non-cancerous cells from being exposed to the poisonous substances, as well as the free radicals from getting damaged.

3. Carrot Essential

Carrot is rich in beta carotene and beta carotene is that the ingredient that’s needed for those patients suffering from oral cancer while this is found in large amounts in carrots, which is thought of an anti-cancer utrient. Carrots are rich supply of anti-oxidants and possess quite great healing power in affliction like oral cancer and also in a number of different diseases.
Drinking a glass of carrot juice regular helps in oral cancer. It needs to be consumed twice daily for six to eight months for greater outcomes. One of the new substances which are present in carrot is called as falcarinol and is proven to reduce the risk of oral cancer which helps fight against the oral cancer and other diseases also as these cancer cells grow slowly in the presence of the newer compound falcarinol. It is also important to know that that these carrots must be consumed uncooked; so that, they don’t lose these ingredients on cooking.

4. Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter gourd is rich in many of the medicinal properties, and swallowing bitter gourd in your daily life can be of proven effect from the treatment of lots of the ailments. This bitter gourd juice helps in the treatment of oral cancer, also it needs to be consumed twice a day for six to seven months.
The active ingredient found from the bitter gourd is alpha elestearic acid, which is derived from the seeds of the gourd, also dihydroxy alpha elesteraic acid from this particular vegetable. These components assist from the killing cells that are cancerous, leading them to death without affecting the non-cancerous cells.

5.Grape Seed

Grape seeds present in the grapes are high in antioxidant property and can help in fighting against the oral cancer. These substances destroy the free radicals which cause damage of the cells within the mouth leading to cancer. Grapes juice may be absorbed by mixing the avocado into a nice paste and straining the juice by mixing little water. This should be consumed either by boiling or without boiling for 2 to 3 times per day regularly for effective and better results.
These seeds trigger apoptosis of the cells, which is death of cells that are cancerous. Grape seeds are also full of Vitamin C, E and beta carotene. This raises the amount of immunity and also helps in the proper blood circulation of the body; and consequently, eliminates the toxic substances from the body.

6. Life Style Modification

Life style modifications are extremely crucial so as to prevent from increasing of this disease. Preventing the use of tobacco containing substances like — cigars or cigarettes, chewing or snuffing of others and tobacco would help to restrain the oral cancer. Complete stoppage of alcohol use is also essential, as it raises the additional threat of cancer and also the development of cancerous cells.
Maintaining oral hygiene is very important to prevent the progression of this disease; also, use of the proper diet is essential, so as to keep oral hygiene. Seeing the dental doctor frequently, and consulting the oncologist for proper and regular treatment becomes crucial if diagnosed with oral cancer.


Drinking cold fluids using a straw, which alleviates the pain brought in oral cancer. Additionally, avoid using hot beverages and spicy foods and to eat soft foods. Adapting this type of life style will help in the prevention or oral cancer and inhibits additional increase in the mouth cancer.
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