Telemedicine in gynaecology

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The Indian healthcare sector is witnessing the quick integration of telemedicine in gynaecology and obstetrics. India’s birth rate in 2022 is 17.163 births per 1000 people. Post-pandemic a sedentary lifestyle caused by hybrid work environments and social distancing has caused a sudden upsurge of chronic gynecological problems in women. Chronic illnesses related to menstruation and reproductive organs are being predominantly reported nationwide. More and more women are now aware and being upfront about their health issues and seeking medical attention and timely treatment, which is a positive change.

Prevalent challenges and disruptions have urged healthcare and government authorities to set up a technology-enhanced framework for gynaecology diagnosis and treatment, including virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health care. Telemedicine in gynaecology is a boon in disguise, enhancing patient satisfaction and boosting patient engagement. However, obstetricians, gynaecologists and other physicians who practice telehealth should ensure that they have the necessary hardware, software, and a reliable, secure internet connection to provide quality care and patient safety.

Gynaecological issues must be resolved before escalating into pressing or severe concerns. Numerous pregnancy cases have mothers showing early signs or being affected by gestational diabetes, asthma, or hypertension, among other complications. Many other mothers suffer from premature birth or complications in fetal outcomes. Telemedicine can help by effectively decreasing outpatient clinic appointments and reducing such high-risk conditions. In many cases, patients and assisting people can learn more about their chronic diseases through research papers, articles and other knowledge materials from authentic publications available in e-libraries. At the same time, other telehealth agencies can offer hassle-free health coverage to navigate treatments.

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Every lady must have been counsel as a minimum once that ‘you have to know everything that is going on with your body. This usually starts when your menstrual cycle starts. This does not necessitate an in-depth study of gynecology, but it is helpful to be aware of some common gynecological issues that can affect any woman.

Many women experience one heavy day during their period, followed by lighter days. Some women may experience heavier bleeding that is still within the normal range, up to twice the average amount. However, some women may experience clots, cramping, and even more severe bleeding for longer periods. Contact your doctor if you regularly experience heavy bleeding, clots, or cramping. Prescription medications or surgery may be used to treat severe periods of irregular bleeding.

A follicular cyst is the most typical type of ovarian cyst. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, a follicle, a normal, fluid-filled sac containing an egg, becomes larger than usual but fails to open to release the egg. Follicular cysts typically disappear independently from a few days to a few months. A corpus luteum cyst is another ovarian cyst related to a woman’s menstrual cycle. The Corpus luteum is the area of tissue within the ovary that forms after an egg is released from a follicle. The corpus luteum usually breaks down and disappears if the woman doesn’t conceive. However, the same cyst may remain on the ovary and fill with blood or fluid. In most cases, these cyst only forms on one side and disappear on its own.

While having a low down libido is more general than many ladies realize, it’s essential to consult with your best Gynecologists in India to find out the cause of your anxiety. Libido may be a sign of an underlying medical condition or a side effect of a known condition, or it may be affected by medications. Your gynecologist can determine what medical treatments may be required in these scenarios.

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Your gynecologist can help you naturally increase your libido and refer you to an appropriate counsellor in these situations. Lawson elaborates: Because of the endorphins released during sex, we tell patients that the more often they attempt sex, the more they will want to have sex. You will feel closer to your partner as a result of this.

At SeekMed, we value a patient-doctor relationship that is based on trust and knowledge and takes into account your overall health as well as your reproductive organs. That’s what gynecology is all about, and it’s crucial to avoid issues in the future. Let’s look at what we include in our health checks, what you should do to take care of yourself, and how to set up a routine for getting medical care so you can live your best life. Exercise can also improve your overall health, including your reproductive system.

 With tools, equipment, therapies and treatments focused on women’s reproductive health, telemedicine has been instrumental in educating and empowering females. It mainly provides vital support to those women exploring pregnancy journeys such as trying to conceive, freezing eggs, and undergoing fertility treatment. Being the best doctor’s app, SeekMed offers easy access to the best Gynecologists in India. They offer expert medical advice and prognosis confirmation and help women explore various affordable treatments. Improve your gynaecological health with the best Gynecologists in India.

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