The 10 Steps to Recovery from Sex Addiction

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Sex Addiction

For some people, sex addiction is a way to enable themselves to escape from certain painful realities or even to improve the mood in case they are stressed or anxious. People who are sex addicts often go through frustration, despair, guilt and anger before they find a resort in sexual activities. But in case they want to recover from their addiction and want to lead a healthy life, then the below mentioned 10-step recovery plan could be of great help.

  1. Confide in Someone – If you have someone in your life who you can talk honestly or trust, share your struggles with them. They would surely be supportive of your aim to recover from this problem as they know What a Sex Addict is going through. People who are closer to you and are non-judgmental are essential to help you get rid of your issues.
  2. Attend Support Programs – There are many support programs available to help you get rid of your issues. They conduct meetings, and even telephonic meetings etc. which can help you pushes out of your addiction.
  3. Find a Sponsor – Find someone who wants to listen to you. And you can also likewise listen to them talking. In case this person has some sense of wisdom, ask them if they can sponsor you. This way you can get advice from them whenever you want.
  4. Cut out the Triggers – Avoid places, people and things that act as triggers. You also need to be diligent in dealing with people and even with things and places that might lead to triggering the relapse once you are done with the treatment.
  5. Make yourself Accountable – You need to find someone who can be your accountability partner. These people can receive weekly or monthly reports of your social-media life. You need to find out one such person who can give you a hard and a pep talk when you need the most – also, someone who can encourage you.
  6. Get a Counselor – Getting a counselor who has the expertise in dealing with the kind of addiction you have is excellent. In case they share the same faith as you do, it is all the better. Counselors have a sense of how and what is a sex addict dealing with. They can prove to be a great help.
  7. Journaling – Find out what exactly triggers your addiction and how can you overcome such situations.
  8. Read – Find out about your addiction in detail. Look for causes, addictive cycle, and tips to recover.
  9. Decide – Commit – Act – Move forward and don’t give any exit strategy to yourself. Just commit to your new life no matter what.
  10. Stay Focused – Don’t just think about the mistakes you have made in the past. That would only because you relapse as a way to escape the pain of shame you are feeling.


The ten steps mentioned above don’t count to be a complete recovery effort. But these are incredibly instrumental in putting you on the right track away from Sex Addiction. In case there is something else you feel like doing, something that keeps you deviated, add them to your list and carve your path towards healthy living.

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