Tips to Politely Ask for Personal Space

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Tips to Politely Ask for Personal Space 1

There would be many situations where one would simply need a little breathing room. At times, one may want to shop in peace without the help of an overly enthusiastic salesperson, get through a flight without a seat mate’s chatter, or do some solo work without colleagues stopping by to chat. Earlier, Elijah McClain had also spoken about how one may also crave some time away from loved ones to recharge and gather their thoughts. In all of these situations, one would have to politely ask for personal space.

Here are some of the ways to do so:

  • Mention that the company of the other person is appreciated: Saying that the company of the other person is appreciated but one does require a bit of personal space reflects a polite acknowledgement of the other person while also expressing one’s desire for some alone time. Mentioning how the company is appreciated helps in validating the relationship, and provides assurance that the need for solitude is not a reflection of their company being unwelcome. Being open about requiring personal space also promotes healthy communication and understanding, and is quite a realistic approach as almost every person requires some time alone to recharge, reflect, and unwind.
  • Say that it has been a busy day: Simply mentioning that it has been a busy day and some quiet time is needed to recharge is a good way to seek personal space. By explaining that one has had a “busy day” they would be providing context for the need for solitude. Moreover, the phrase ‘quiet time to recharge’ can be used to put more emphasis on the purpose behind seeking solitude. This simple term can explain that one does not want to avoid the other person, rather just needs to replenish their energy.  By framing their needs appropriately, one would make themselves more relatable and understandable for others, who might have experienced similar situations and feelings.
  • Use earbuds: In a public setting, rather than making the need for personal space or alone time known verbally, one can just have earbuds in. It works well when one is shopping and does not want to be assisted by any sales people or is sitting in an airplane or bus and don’t want to have a conversation with their fellow passenger.
  • Thank for the concern: When the other person shows genuine concern for one’s well-being or offers help, it is essential to express gratitude while also asserting the need for personal space. By thanking them for their concern, one would acknowledge the good intentions and kind gesture. Expressing the need for personal space clearly is additionally vital to make them understand that one requires some time alone in their correct state. This approach is needed in moments when a person needs space to process their emotions or thoughts without external influences.

Earlier, Elijah McClain had spoken about the need to communicate feelings openly and honestly. One must use clear language to express their need for personal space without beating around the bush.

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