Top 5 Best Vitamix Blenders In 2020

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Top 5 Best Vitamix Blenders In 2020 1

When we are looking forward to buy any kitchen appliance, one of the toughest decisions is to choose a brand. However, if we talk of kitchen blenders, Vitamix is one of the most premium and top-selling brands available in the market. However, the little variations in different blender models of Vitamix make it very confusing for the people. Getting all the features that you desire in a single product is the best thing in shopping. Searching every single model and reading their specifications will take a hell lot of time. To save your time and work, we are here with the list of top 5 Vitamix blenders. Kindly, have a look:

1. Recent best- Vitamix 5200 blender:

This Vitamix blender brand has set the highest bar for all the other brands. The high power motor that can blend almost everything is the best attribute about it. The premium blades made of stainless steel will readily turn your ingredients into smoothie within seconds. Also, they are easy to maintain and clean. The ten different speed modes allow you to use them according to the ingredients. High speed is most suitable for juices.

2. Professional use- Vitamix professional series 750 blender:

If you are quite experienced in the world of smoothies and blenders, we have the Vitamix professional series blender for you. The five-speed settings in this blender allows you to make soup, blend frozen fruits, ice, and many more things. If you do not know how to use the speed settings, the manual speed dial can make you a perfect recipe.

3. Best for speed- Vitamix standard program blender:

The powerful blades and motor of the Vitamix standard program blender makes them ace the category of best speed blenders. If you look at the overall performance of this blender, there are no cons in contrast to other Vitamix blenders. The motor does not heat up readily due to the cool running feature. The ultra-responsive speed settings make it easier for you to blend different kinds of ingredients. 

4. Personal use- Vitamix personal cup and adaptor:

The Vitamix personal cup and adaptor contains a pitcher/container of 20 ounce that can produce two servings readily. It can also be used to chop ingredients for salads and veggie smoothies. It also has the capability of maintaining temperature due to the double insulating material present in it. You can readily pack hot beverages without worrying about reheating it. 

5. Best for smoothies- Vitamix drink blender:

As the name suggests, this blender is a perfect product for smoothie lovers. If you want an easy and effective way to lose weight without much compromisation in energy levels, the Vitamix drink blender would be the best choice for you. The powerful 1200watt operation makes it blend the frozen fruits and vegetables in seconds. You can also crush ice to make chilled and refreshing drinks. One can also use it for purposes other than making smoothies.


We hope you have gone through all the points. Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

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