What All Should You Know About Gifting Flowers on Your Wedding Anniversary?

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Gifting Flowers on Your Wedding Anniversary

Every married couple’s life is marked by a wedding anniversary, which commemorates the love, trust, understanding, and togetherness that binds two people together for the rest of their lives. As a result, a couple’s bond is strengthened by commemorating this day every year. And, of course, a wedding anniversary celebration isn’t complete without presents. And one of the most important gifts you can give to your loved one is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But before ordering the bouquet, here are few things which should be considered:-

Variation: The variation in flowers represents a different choice and giving a specific bouquet on every anniversary represents different meanings. You can also add your partner’s favourite blooms along with those flowers to make his/her feel more special.

Color: Each wedding year is also represented by a single color, so consider choosing a bunch of flowers in a traditional color.

Accent: Feel free to pair your beautiful bouquet with accents, such as unique glass vases or gifts. Since there are traditional materials and anniversary gifts for each milestone, this is a great opportunity to include them in your flower arrangements. 

First Year :: Carnation

Your first year as a married couple is a very exciting time in both of your lives! Celebrate your young and new love with a festive bouquet. Carnations are the ultimate symbols of love, affection and mystery.

There are many meanings behind carnations, so it is important to choose the right color. Dark red carnations, for example, are given to express deep feelings of love and affection. You can also choose a light red carnation, a token of appreciation – both new colors are a great option to celebrate your new love. Because the traditional gift for your first year gift is paper, add a handwritten paper love note to your carnation bouquet for a sweet touch.

Second Year :: Cosmos

The profound beauty of the Cosmos perfectly captures the love of a young marriage. The bright colors and sweet fragrance of these flowers make it a symbol of harmony and order, as well as for peace, tranquility, innocence and love. Because red is the traditional color of the second year, choose the red universe which is a powerful symbol of love and passion.

Are you trying to combine the red Cosmos with a gift? Cotton represents your ability to stay strong despite difficult changes in your marriage. When paired with the Red Cosmos, you show how strong your love is when you feel it on the first day while maintaining all the love and passion.

Third Year :: Sunflower

Strong, colorful and passionate, Sunflower carries all the characteristics of a three-year marriage. It has its hinges. Like Stem, in its third year, the wedding anniversary has begun to build a strong foundation. Sunflower symbolizes worship, loyalty and longevity. The meaning of the sunflower is derived from its name, the sun in itself – representing the challenges they have already overcome and the rich, bright times ahead.

Fourth year :: Geranium

When you and your husband are in the fourth year of marriage, celebrate with a bouquet of geraniums. The geranium is known to represent the union of two individuals in the soul, body, and brain. Emphasize the message of love that you want to give to your significant others by choosing pink or red geraniums. Both red and pink geraniums symbolize romance, love and passion, which is a great way to remember your unity.

5th year :: Daisy

If you are sending flowers to your spouse for their wedding anniversary, send a daisy. Daisies are traditional fifth-year wedding anniversary flowers because they symbolize everlasting love and loyalty. White daisy is the most common color of flowers, indicating innocence. If you want to follow the traditional colors of the fifth anniversary, go for a daisy blue or pink color.

Surprise your loved ones with daisy flowers in a beautiful wooden rose to tie in the traditional material of the fifth wedding anniversary.

10th Anniversary :: Daffodil

Congratulations, you have officially reached the first decade of your wedding! Celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of your loved one with a bouquet of daffodils. The meaning behind daffodils is renewal and flexibility as it regenerates and grows every spring – like the elasticity of your wedding. These rich, yellow flowers reflect the joy of the past and optimism for the future.

Because blue and silver are traditional colors for the 10th wedding anniversary, choose a vase in one of these colors or put a colored card in the bouquet.

15th Anniversary :: Rose

No flower is more a symbol of love and romance than a rose. Roses are a traditional 15th wedding anniversary flower bouquet and a favorite classic. A bouquet of these beautiful flowers is often the best way to express your deepest feelings to your significant other.

After living together for 15 years, Rose is the perfect way to show that whatever you have done, your love is still as passionate and strong as it was when you first met. Whether you give one red rose, or a dozen reds, surprise your one and only for this romantic occasion and milestone.

20th Anniversary :: Aster 

If you are wondering what the flower is for the 20th wedding anniversary, then look no further! Celebrate two decades of marriage with flowers. This beautiful, star shaped flower is a symbol of love, knowledge and trust. Aster, a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love – perfect for gifting and celebrating your special day with your other half. 

Choose white Asters as a symbol of purity and innocence, or pink as a symbol of love and sensitivity. For the traditional gift of the 20th wedding anniversary, surprise your loved one with your beautiful bouquet of Asters.

25th Anniversary :: Iris

Known as a symbol of faith, hope and wisdom, Iris flowers are perfect for 25th marriage anniversary. Blue Iris flowers represent royalty, so there is no better way to make your partner feel like a king or queen for a day.

Throughout history, Irish gifts have meant deep love, appreciation and affection. In particular, consider choosing specific Iris colors, such as white for purity, purple for property, or blue for hope. Whether you want to show how much you love your spouse or if you want to treat  your spouse like a royal king/queen, iris would be a great gift. 

30th Anniversary :: Lily

A bouquet of lilies are best to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. Along with being a symbol of glory and devotion, the lily is commonly known to represent purity and fertility. The amazing state of 30 years of marriage represents a time of reflection, so take this time to look back and see everything you accomplished as a couple.

Traditionally, the 30th wedding anniversary gift is represented by a pearl. The pearl is a symbol of beauty on the inside and a symbol of maturity, so there is no better way to celebrate your journey with this everlasting gift. Pair your freshly cut lily with pearl jewelry.

40th Anniversary :: Gladiolus

Representing strength, integrity and affection, Gladiolus lends itself to being a perfect fit for the 40th wedding anniversary flower arrangement. Originating from the Latin word “sword” due to the shape of its leaves, this living flower refers to the person you love that it “pierces the heart”.

To celebrate 40 years of marriage, be sure to pair your Gladiolus with red, traditional materials and color-matched gifts this year. To do this, consider choosing the red Gladiolus, which symbolizes romance, passion, and love.

50th Anniversary:: Yellow Rose

Celebrate half a century of your wedding with beautiful bouquets of yellow roses and flowers! This feat can only be illustrated by two flowers – they symbolize the lives of two people who have supported each other throughout the years. With their vibrant yellow colors, these flowers serve as the inner light and beauty of your happy wedding.

Add a bunch of yellow roses to your bouquet to celebrate your golden moments. Gold represents half a century of love, so don’t be afraid to consider the magnificent anniversary flower arrangement when deciding on a 50th anniversary gift.

What All Should You Know About Gifting Flowers on Your Wedding Anniversary? 1

Even when you are away from your soulmate on your special day, sending flowers to your partner can do wonders. It will help you avoid any last minute stress and make sure your celebration is as special as it can be! 

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