What are Bolt-Type D-Shackles and Different Types of Bolts?

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What are Bolt-Type D-Shackles and Different Types of Bolts? 1

Bolts are one of the essential parts for any mechanical system to hold them together. It has several applications in the automotive, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. They are mostly used to hold together two or more parts with much security. It helps to create a long-lasting connection between two objects. In the market, you will find many types of bolts like U-shaped, Hex bolts, and many others.

Similarly, a Bolt-Type D-Shackle is a U-shaped that is being used to connect and secure multiple objects or loads in lifting, towing, and rigging applications. All Bolt-Type D-Shackle Suppliers need to deliver a quality product to the customer because it can take the life of some people due to failure in work.

It is called D-Shackle because its shape is like D because of its curve. A threaded pin or bolt across the opening makes it D shaped. A person can open this threaded pin to attach or detach it from the material. It is mostly used in marine, industrial areas, construction, and other heavy-duty areas. Hence Bolt-Type D-Shackle Manufacturers need to work well on the product to ensure its safety.

Different Types of Bolts

Following are some different types of bolts in the market that ensure the safety of many materials:

  1. Hex Bolts

Hex bolts are one of the most commonly used bolts by anyone. Some people even call them hex cap screws because it has a six-sided head that can only be tightened by using a wrench or socket. It is available in multiple ranges of sizes, materials, and lengths. Due to this wide range, it can be used in many places.

  1. Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts mean a bolt with a round head and a square neck below it. People also call it coach bolts. The main advantage of having a square neck is that it prevents the bolt from turning after being tightened. Due to this reason, it is being used in wood and other soft materials. The main application area of a carriage bolt is construction and woodworking.

  1. Lag Bolts

A lag bolt has a hexagonal head with a sharp point at the beginning. Some people even call them lag screws. It is mostly used for securing heavy loads of wood or some other materials. It also varies in size and length, so make sure to use only those areas that need high strength.

  1. Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are unique bolts as it has a circular loop at one end and the other end is the threaded shaft. The common use of this bolt is for attaching cables, ropes, or chains to the roof of your house, and lifting operations. It is made up of different materials like steel, brass, and stainless steel.

  1. Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts also have some threaded portions but it has a cylindrical shoulder between the head and the threaded part. It is ideal for rotating parts as it provides a bearing surface. So many people use it in machinery and equipment.


A person must check the quality of bolts based on materials and requirements. Hence purchase bolts from some reputed shops and reputed brands.

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