What is the Best Car Insurance Los Angeles Offers for Total Family Coverage?

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What is the Best Car Insurance Los Angeles Offers for Total Family Coverage? 1

Los Angeles is the number one city, per capita, in America with the highest traffic congestion. And as such, car insurance Los Angeles policies will be expensive, especially if you hope to cover the entire family. When looking for a company that sells car insurance Los Angeles policies, and if you seek total family coverage under a single policy, there are certain things you will want to ask the broker. This article is intended to help people of all ages living in Los Angeles, who are looking for a car insurance policy that will cover every member of the household. 

The Best Car Insurance Los Angeles has to Offer Will Cover and Protect Teens

According to research conducted by State Farm, the number one need people have when looking for a family car insurance policy in Los Angeles is something that provides great coverage and protection for teen drivers. As parents, watching your child get their learner’s permit for driving is very stressful. Not only are we concerned for their safety and ability to drive without distractions, we also worry about the insurance premium going up, as tene drivers statistically cause a lot of accidents. As a person shopping for a car insurance policy, there are a few things you can look for. Ask the Los Angeles car insurance broker if the policy awards teen drivers for having good grades. Programs like this can help keep premiums down. You should also ask if there is a car insurance policy for Los Angeles drivers in their teenage years that comes with a safe driving program–rewards for not getting tickets or being involved in accidents. Finally, ask the broker where the policy for your teen driver sits in the local average for cost and coverage. 

Get a Car Insurance Policy that Covers Elderly Drivers

If you have an elder in your family that can still safely operate a vehicle, then you will want a policy that covers them, and that won’t break the bank. Car accidents caused by negligent seniors are on the rise, so finding a good policy that will keep them protected, but that won’t cost too much, can be challenging. Some insurance policies are designed to keep costs down, so long as the senior driver is routinely checked by DMV officials. When this happens they are given a visual test, and often are given a driving test to ensure they are safe and competent behind the wheel. 

Make Sure All Cars are Covered

The average 4 person household with teen drivers in Los Angeles County has an average of 3 cars. In some cases, you may need to drive more than one of the cars owned by your family. That said, make sure to get a car insurance policy for the family that entitles them coverage for all listed vehicles belonging to the family. 

Get a Car Insurance Los Angeles Policy with Roadside Assistance 

When you get a flat tire or experience a mechanical failure, your entire day can get blown away, especially if you live in Los Angeles where traffic is insane all day and night, with poor access to service providers. This is why having a good 24/7 roadside assistance program as part of your car insurance is important. This is especially true if you have teen drivers. The last thing you want is for your kids to be stranded in the car for hours. Having a good roadside assistance coverage plan can get your car towed significantly faster than if you were on your own, and will ensure your kids are safe from being stranded for long periods of time. 


Ask if any of the car insurance policies offer discounts for certain privileges. For example, some auto insurance companies give discounts to students, military personnel (active or veteran), teachers, government workers, or those that belong to the AARP. In some cases, city workers and medical professionals get discounts. It is certainly worth enquiring about!

Take Your Time to Find the Best Los Angeles Car Insurance Policy

When you are in need of a car insurance policy that will cover the entire family, it is worth it to speak with an experienced broker. At Los Angeles car insurance companies like Cameo Insurance, an experienced broker can find the ideal policy to cover and protect every member of the family, even complicated cases such as those with DUIs on their record. When you take the time to look, you will get the best car insurance policy out there that will fit your needs. 

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