What is the cost of a one-wheel?

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What is the cost of a one-wheel?

Since seeing it at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, I have been eager to test the Onewheel. I finally got to ride one and can confirm it is as thrilling and fun as it looks. This is all thanks to the intelligent self-balancing sensors, which make this physics-defying skating board possible.

Mounting the Onewheel requires that you place your back foot on the board’s rear. Next, place your front foot on the two pressure-sensing pads at the front of your board. This engages the motor inside the wheel. Then, slowly lean forward.

Onewheel’s app allows riders to wirelessly update their firmware via Bluetooth. This is one of the best features. Onewheel will soon be able to offer more customizations and riding settings. Riders simply need to stand near their board and hold their smartphone in their hands.

Onewheel’s battery can be used for up to 4 to 6 miles. However, it charges in just 20 minutes. Riders can carry the charging cable in their backpack to extend their range.

The Onewheel is an amazing way to have fun. However, it comes with a high price — $1,499. While we were riding, over 30 people approached us to inquire about the Onewheel. However, most of them laughed when I explained the price. Although you can compare the price of purchasing a Onewheel with the cost of buying a bike, tricking out a snowboard, and purchasing ski lift tickets, $1,499 is still too high for most riders.

The Onewheel is a great way to commute to work and have fun on weekends if you are in the right financial position. I’m so excited to get my Onewheel again.

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