When a Dental Emergency Occurs, What to Do?

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When a Dental Emergency Occurs, What to Do? 1

Emergency dentistry – what is it? Anyone could experience it; it’s a really serious problem. Pain is typically a symptom of tooth problems. On the other hand, emergency dentistry refers to a few of these issues and is characterized by more excruciating discomfort, edema, and, occasionally, fever.

As a dentist at urgent dental care in Orangeville points out, selecting a qualified dentist with a good reputation who will put the patient’s needs first and be accessible in case of dental emergencies is one of the most crucial concerns surrounding the topic of emergency dentistry. Because emergency dental situations are so crucial and can occur for patients at any time of the day or night, we anticipate that when we engage the services of an experienced and reputable dentist, he will always be accessible and have established office and communication channels. In the following, we will learn about dental emergencies.

The Following Emergencies Necessitate Immediate Dental Care:

We must become familiar with their terminology before we examine emergency dental problems. Dental emergencies are situations in which you should seek treatment immediately at a dentist or dental facility. We will briefly highlight these issues in the following sections before going into great detail.

  • A terrible toothache that lasts longer than a few days, accompanied by a severe tooth infection
  • Bleeding teeth or gums
  • Swelling around the mouth and oral cavity
  • Abscess
  • Falling veneers, ceramic laminates, composites, and temporary tooth veneers
  • Dental prosthesis emergency

Several of the Most Frequent Dental Emergencies Are Explained.

Trauma Caused by Impact on the Teeth

Any occurrence can result in a tooth being hurt and occasionally even shattered. Pain is typically present when a tooth is shattered. You ought to seek dental care right away in these situations. The damaged or broken tooth is frequently denervated and coated or repaired.

When a Dental Emergency Occurs, What to Do? 2

Unexpected Tooth Loss

A blow to the tooth can frequently cause it to become loose or fall out, particularly in children and with their front teeth. It is preferable in these situations to keep the dropped tooth in the mouth with water, ice, and serum to preserve its hydration. Then, make a prompt appointment with a reputable dentist.

Making a Crack in the Tooth, then Filling It Up or Protecting It

First, we must clarify that if you have a cracked or fractured tooth but do not experience pain, you do not have an emergency dental situation. However, feeling pain in these circumstances might be quite risky. Thus, the crown or root could be cracked or fractured. For the necessary treatments to be performed, it is preferable to visit a dentist immediately if you experience significant pain.


By the affected tooth roots, pus-filled lesions called abscesses can be seen. Any age group may be impacted by this issue, which is brought on by a bacterial infection. The patient often has no issues with the abscess as long as it is treated promptly. Nevertheless, if left untreated, it could expand to the face, head, and neck, resulting in more serious issues.

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