Where are the Samsung phone repair shops in Singapore?

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If you possess a Samsung phone and are desperately looking for Samsung phone repair options then you are at the right place because we are going to discuss in this blog the entire guidelines of this particular topic.

Before providing you the best option to get a Samsung phone repair we need to discuss the things you should do before handing over your smartphone for the repair, so let’s get started.

  • Create a full backup: The importance of data is no big secret and it is also a fact that it is one of the most important things in our smartphones. The details in our account are either confidential or important emails and messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents, etc that reside in our smartphones. Hence it becomes an important requirement that we need to have a backup of all such important data. One of the prime reasons behind this is that it helps us avoid the risk of losing data during the repair process and you can give your smartphone for the repair being carefree. In order to keep the backup of your contacts you can sync them to your Google contact, calendar to the Google Calendar, keep with Google Keep, photos with the Google photos, and other data you can upload to Google drive in order to take a backup to an external storage or hard drive.
  • Remove your sim card: it may seem a little strange to you but it is very important to remove the SIM of your smartphone because if your sim gets into the wrong hands by mistake then it may get misused. You certainly do not want to enter into such a situation. Therefore it is strongly recommended to take out the SIM card from your smartphone before handing it over to the experts. In order to not miss any important calls you can also keep your sim card in any other smartphone till you get your device back from the repair shop.
  • Remove Security locks: we often use different pins or pattern locks in order to keep our phone safe from getting misused by any stranger. But it is recommended that before you give your phone to the repair shop you must remove all the pin pattern lock of fingerprint authentication and disable it. Doing this will allow the experts repairing your smartphone to test the status after the issue has been resolved and you can remove the security logs in the settings of the device.
  • Remove external storage: in addition to removal of the SIM card it is also recommended that before you give your smartphone for the repair you must remove the micro SD card in case you have a card installed in the slot. The card installed in the system has some sensitive data and if in case your memory card got lost in the process or got damaged accidentally you will have to let go the important data that it stored in itself.
  • Note down your IMEI: there can be instances where you may lose your device while the process of repair is going on as there are numerous devices that the repair shops handle. To avoid such situations and risks of Miss placing your device it is always recommended to know down your IMEI number. The IMEI or the international mobile equipment Identity Number is a unique 15 digit serial number that every smartphone has. Hence if a repair shop accidentally handed over your device to someone else by mistake who owns the same brand, same model and the same colour of the device then you can quickly identify your smartphone with the help of this IMEI number. Using the IMEI number will speed up the process of relocating your device.
  • Perform a Factory Reset: The next thing people should keep in their mind before handing over their handset to repair shops is to perform a factory reset on the device because it will help remove any sensitive data on your device. It will also minimize the risk of your device getting stolen and keep you carefree while your smartphone is at the shop for repair.
  • Remove Google Account & Disable Factory Reset Protection: Before giving your phone for repair it must also be kept in mind to remove any connected google account and in addition to that you should also disable the factory reset setting in the device.
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Although there are numerous repair shops in Singapore if you are looking for the best then Digital Hospital can be a great pick for you in order to get your Samsung phone repair done in the most professional way as the experts there have any experience in handling any kind of repair knowledge and this platform has earned itself a positive influence among its customers. To know more about Digital Hospital you can visit their website.

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