Why hand dryers are essential

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Hand dryers are mainly electrical devices which generate heat when they are turned on. Many people use hand dryers these days as it comes with a lot of advantages.
One can buy automatic hand dryers in India and they are energy efficient. These machines are also cost-effective. Though the device and its installation can be a bit costly one does not have to spend on paper towels anymore and so, in the long run, it becomes very cost effective. In fact, hand dryers are considered to be very hygienic and it is environmentally friendly as well. There will be no cases of trash overload due to over usage of paper towels as well.
Also, using paper towels is not a very good idea because people tend to use them more in an amount which leads to more cutting down of trees. Throwing of paper towels anywhere and everywhere also cause a lot of clogging in the wash basins and toilets.  That is why; one should always depend on hand dryers and not only in public toilets but one should use them at private toilets as well.
There are different types of hand dryers available and the differences among them are on their functions. Some of them work by pressing a button and some work just automatically by using an infrared sensor. The former variation costs less and its usage is in between 10 to 120 volts and so it is very cost efficient. In most of the push button hand dryer cases, the flow automatically stops after a minute and it can clearly dry up the hand within that time. Some of this type is designed with a rotating nozzle which allows it to be used for drying face and hair as well. On the other hand, automatic hand dryers only turn on when it is detected by a person’s hand and it automatically turns off when the hand is removed. This type has gained a lot of popularity because they are a lot of energy savers.
There are a few factors that have to be considered when one is thinking if installing a hand dryer. There has to be an electric outlet in the washroom. But the owner has to do some maintenance once the device is installed from time to time. This is because it might break down due to constant use and some over usage in the public toilets. Unlike paper towels, hand dryers do not have accessible parts that can break from constant use so the need for repairs would be very infrequent. Once installed, they have to be handled with proper care as well.
 There are many reasons to install automatic hand dryer sensor in a public toilet as they are very beneficial. Hand dryers are always available but the paper towels might get out of stock. Also overloading can be avoided by installing this device. One can buy some good quality hand dryers online as well and then install them properly on the toilets to use them.
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