Why Swiss Watches are so Coveted?

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Swiss Watches

For most people, Swiss watches have something of magic. There are even persons who are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to become the owner of this type of luxury jewel. However, they could just as well purchase a trendy and elegant timepiece made in China for only a few bucks. So, what makes Swiss wristwatches so irresistible?

Because of the Art of Watchmaking

Most of the greatest and most expensive watches in the world are made in Switzerland. A novice might ask why to buy a watch at 800 dollars when you can know the time on a perfectly functioning watch that costs almost nothing. The answer is: you do not buy a Swiss watch simply to know the time but also for the high quality and especially for the art of watchmaking.

One of the reasons why Swiss watch brands are so popular is their rich history. The art of watchmaking has disappeared from most parts of the world except in Switzerland. Although it was not the first country to make wristwatches, it was, and still is, the most ambitious and resilient country in the field. This means thatSwisswatches are the fruit of know-how, age-old craftsmanship and rich history of perseverance… and failure.

Because Swiss Watches are Durable

To understand why watches made in Switzerland are so popular, you need to know the high-quality standards used when making these luxury jewels. A Swiss watch is not just a fashion accessory, it is also a timeless object made to last for many generations. From the handles to the case, every element of a Swiss watch differs from other products from other countries.

The solid stainless steel case explains the weight of the Swiss watches and guarantees their maintenance over time as well as their resistance to wear. Moreover, solid steel is stainless and can be polished many times in order to eliminate scratches. Most watches manufactured in Switzerland have a scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal that ensures their durability.

The movement of Swiss watches is assembled by hand which guarantees, thanks also to the use of metal gears, the high quality of the internal mechanisms. Not only those jewels are designed to last, but the use of high-end materials makes it possible to repair scratched or damaged parts. By the way, this is why collector watches are just as popular as newer models. If you are now convinced, know that you can find affordable Swiss watches on https://louischevrolet.com/en/.

The Luxury Look

In addition to the quality and tradition of Swiss watchmaking, style and design also matter. Many efforts have been devoted to this parameter and the Swiss watches always have a look that is both innovative and timeless. Due to the use of high-quality materials, Swiss timepieces have a luxurious appearance.

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