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Many hours are spent talking about color palettes and design properties because the wrong choices can have devastating effects on the way consumers engage with your product and / or product. The colors used in the packaging by packaging design company can entice consumers to buy a product without a shelf just as the colors on a website can direct users to explore the website in depth. Color is used by consumers to distinguish a product from each other and advertisers to get the feeling of supporting a copy message on a package or website. Red, which may be more than any other color, has great power in doing this, but before we get too deep into clarity.

Why use red in design and advertising?

The psychology of red color

Why do matadors light red flags on Spanish bulls? The warmth of the red color is very pleasing and triggers the body’s immediate responses. Therefore, companies that use the red mark want to attract our basic biological causes. For example, red is the devil’s color, but it is also love. Red means even danger, which is closely related to blood color. Then think about your body. If you are shy, guilty or feel flirtatious, the blood flow to your face increases, giving you a soft red tinge.

In addition, red has a significant cultural significance worldwide. In China, brides wear red on their wedding day to bring good luck. Similarly in India, red is a symbol of fertility and beauty, making it very popular in weddings. Therefore, when companies use the red mark, they enter into our evolutionary systems and the many color definitions known around the world.

Red can be paired with neutral colors:

To connect with your product personality without distracting your audience, pair red with neutral colors. For example, the Netflix product logo cleverly uses the bright red color on a completely black background. This helps to balance the bright color and eliminates any negative connotations associated with red, such as ‘DANGER’ while ensuring greater accuracy.

Red performance metrics

However, the first question was why you used red in construction and advertising? While anecdotes and psychological explanations are good, it still poses a great challenge to prove your worthiness. We know you want to know how red color works in daily work and transformation. Also, this data is ready. Red indicates the most significant effect when you use it on CTAs and other keywords in your advertising. Shutterstock AI found that red and other colors of the red family make up 30% of most clickable colors. This is a large number of one color.

This color became so popular in 2022 that even ads containing images of red fruit, photos of red areas, and images of red food began to receive high click-through rates. The potential for your product when using red is great. And understanding the color red and its importance in advertising has the potential to change the way you do business.

Mutiple shades in Red Colors

In the previous section, we talked about the different colors red in different contexts. This is a very important point, and before we go any further about how to use red in construction and advertising, you need to understand this. Red is part of the main color set. Red, blue, and yellow – all the main colors. However, red combines with other colors to give us second and upper colors. Red has a variety of tones (when you mix it with white for a lighter shade), shades (if you mix it with black for a darker color), and hues to enhance. All these colors are commonly known as red. In the color wheel, red occupies the most prominent place and from warm orange to dark blue to black, so to speak. This color wheel will show you a variety of red grips itself.

Increase the Effect of Redness on Your Design and Advertising

Color is the master of advertising. It can change the vibe and beauty of your designs in just a second. Red, in particular, is a strong player. Once added, there is no way the attention goes elsewhere. Using red is a great idea to capture the attention of users and show the personality of your product to your viewers. Your customers will know who you are in an instant with the right shade of red. But choosing the right one and using it to maximize its impact is a daunting task.

Finally, Use Red With Commitment

Overall, using Red in marking and packaging by a packaging design company may affect your marketing efforts when you follow the guidelines and examples above. The most important and powerful color usage is in the areas of the website where action is required, such as the CTA. As a rule of thumb, use red lightly and intentionally, know the common definitions of red use in your industry, and pair with a matching color to help “reduce” color intensity. Following these general guidelines will help in creating a product or packaging.

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