Why You Need Your Own Health Insurance Even With Employee Coverage

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Why You Need Your Own Health Insurance Even With Employee Coverage 1

Many people think that having health insurance through their employer is sufficient when it comes to medical care. However, making this assumption could be a costly error. It is imperative to consider getting separate health insurance plans even if you have employee insurance coverage.

Here’s why having your health insurance is imperative, even if your employer offers coverage.

  • Gaps In Coverage And Job Changes

One crucial aspect is that once you leave your job, your health insurance for employees will no longer protect you. You would be without insurance if you quit your job or were fired. What if a sudden medical emergency arises while this transition is ongoing? You wouldn’t be protected if it weren’t for your health insurance. What if a health issue occurs while you are between jobs? Either employer wouldn’t provide your insurance, would it?

  • Limited Coverage

The fact that employer-provided insurance frequently offers less health coverage than personal policies is another justification for getting your health insurance. Although some employers may allow employees to extend coverage by paying additional health insurance premiums, getting private health insurance is still advised. In addition to the insurance offered by the employer, one should purchase their own health insurance. The final day of employment typically marks the end of insurance benefits provided by the employer. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under health insurance policy.

Employee insurance is frequently insufficient; therefore, it is better to take an independent cover to save money, even if it is a floater. You are at the mercy of your employer’s policies if you only rely on employee coverage. What would happen if you lost your job, were fired, or if the business decided to alter its coverage or policies? Regardless of your employment situation, having your own health insurance plan ensures comprehensive coverage. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under health insurance policy.  ##

  • Flexibility & Coverage for Families

Consider the flexibility and advantages of having your own health insurance and any potential restrictions on employee coverage. A separate policy allows you to select the coverage that fits your needs. The policy can include extra benefits or your preferred healthcare providers.

Additionally, having a separate health insurance policy is even more critical if you have a family. While some employers might let you maintain the policy on your own after leaving your position, it depends on the company’s policies and discretion. It is advisable to have a separate health insurance policy that covers your family to ensure their welfare.

Therefore, you cannot adequately protect yourself and your loved ones with employee insurance. Owning your own health insurance plan is essential to maintain flexibility, prevent coverage gaps, and get comprehensive coverage. Employers should consider offering a different health insurance plan for their staff members and their families in case of emergencies. Don’t solely rely on the insurance provided by your employer to take care of your health and financial security. Spend money on your own defence. ##

##All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

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