Will Reupholstering Vintage Furniture Decrease Its Value?

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Reupholstering Vintage Furniture

Reupholstering Vintage FurnitureReupholstering vintage furniture is not a do-it-yourself project. If you aren’t comfortable sewing, you can always hire a professional. Reupholstering a vintage piece will not only reduce the value of the item, but will also change the shape and contour of the piece. If you have a sewing machine, you should be able to use this technique. Moreover, you will be able to re-use the pieces for years to come.

Reupholstering vintage furniture is not a DIY project

Reupholstering vintage furniture is an extremely expensive task. The labor and transportation costs alone can cost over half of the total cost of reupholstering. Not to mention the cost of the fabric and padding. While reupholstering vintage furniture can be an incredibly rewarding project, it’s also not a DIY project for the faint of heart. While you can certainly tackle the project yourself, it’s best to seek professional help for some of the more difficult parts.

Before you begin, be sure to check the frames. Antique furniture usually has visible wood frames made of cherry or mahogany. While you may not be able to see them, changing their shape could damage the integrity of the furniture. Another way to determine whether a piece has substandard foam is to check it. If the foam compresses easily, don’t attempt to reupholster it. Look for firm foam and you’ll have a more successful reupholstering project.

It requires heavy-duty sewing equipment

Before you can reupholster a vintage sofa or chair, you’ll need to remove the existing fabric from the piece. Pull the staples from the seams and cut the fabric. Depending on the type of upholstery, you may need to take off the back and bottom of the couch before you begin. Some pieces may only need a layer or two removed, such as cushions.

Before you can start to reupholster your vintage furniture, you’ll need some heavy-duty sewing equipment. Sewing machines are great for upholstery, but you’ll also need pliers, a needle and thread. Purchasing a sewing machine is not necessary, but it’s highly recommended. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a sloppy-looking piece of furniture.

It reduces value

If you’re thinking about reupholstering your vintage furniture, you may be wondering whether it will decrease its value. First, you must consider your personal reasons for wanting to reupholster vintage furniture. It may be sentimental, for example. After all, your grandmother and grandfather probably spent a lot of money on these antiques. Or, perhaps you want to reupholster the sofa in your living room because of the sentimental value. Whatever your reasons, you might be surprised by the outcome.

Depending on the type of fabric you choose, reupholstering can decrease or increase the value of a piece. Some fabrics cost $30 – $100 per yard, but you may find them cheaper if you buy a yardage from a manufacturer. Even leather may be more expensive than this. It’s best to hire a professional to reupholster your vintage furniture, as they will get a substantial discount on the materials used. Also, reupholstering may require minor repairs to the frame, such as replacing missing parts.

It changes the shape and contour of the piece

Reupholstering can change more than fabric. It changes the contour and shape of vintage furniture. Contrasting welting can draw attention to a chair’s lines. For sculptural pieces, use contrasting cord or mingled cord of three different colors. Or, opt for a cord with a lip. Whatever your preference, you will find vintage furniture that suits your space. Listed below are some ways to change the look of your vintage furniture.

It adds a modern twist

If you have antique furniture, consider reupholstering it to add a modern twist. Reupholstering a piece is much like refinishing wood, but can be done on a budget. You can recover an antique sofa in unexpected fabrics, such as deep velvet with fringe. Chairs and ottomans can also be recovered for a completely different look. Reupholstering a piece can transform a family heirloom into a stylish new addition to your home.

When you reupholster an antique chair or sofa, you can make it look new again. You can use the same fabric as the original, but try a new fabric to give it a modern twist. The fabric you choose must be a neutral tone, so make sure to choose a fabric that complements the rest of the room. If you’re reupholstering a chair, try using an elegant light-colored patterned fabric and piping.

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