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Online kurta shopping for women, in an e-commerce market place that is dynamic and constantly altering, can be a daunting task. One tends to avoid the chaos that ensues due to the variety of options to choose from. They say variety transcends to making better choices. We at Vastralakshmi, agree to disagree. While our own collection offers variety in terms of reinventing existing designs and experimenting with fabrics like silk; we believe curating the best from the many. Hence, striving for an uncluttered space that doesn’t compromise on either style or contemporary trends is the motto we live by and thus so far, attained.
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Whether it is to buy cotton dresses online in India, or in other evergreen fabrics such as silk- there Is plenty to choose. For the indecisive, that we all tend to become at some point; there is a promise to find the best of styles in exciting patterns without dithering. The collection has been designed keeping in mind the subtleties of contemporary fashion along with the traditional prints, with a vintage feel. Especially in designs of dresses and accessorizing pieces such as stoles, care has been given to the make and feel of the fabric and the prints selected for the same.

While, the collection boasts of intricate designing sensibilities, keeping in mind the comfort and fit; our aim has been to make versatile uses of different fabrics. Clothing is an art, much like any other art forms. Simplicity thus is the ultimate form of sophistication while designing a clothing range such as ours. The quality, rest assured is niche, ensuring that the clothes you wear add tenfold to your natural style. Preferences are unique to every individual- it’s in the way these are expressed and especially when it comes to fashion. Good clothes, open many doors as the saying goes.

Not only that, Vastralakshmi is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. There Is a range of ponchos, jackets, and outerwear that are sure to add that needed dash of colour with its bold patterns and designs. There is also a conscious effort to make these exclusive by experimenting with make and choice of prints used. As it is our effort to bring to you the best amongst the many prevailing trends, the curated designs have been incorporated in all our collection pieces so that you shop to your heart’s content. Fashion can be simplified, barring all the chaos. Let’s help you achieve that goal.
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