Yellow Sapphire Uses And Benefits

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Yellow Sapphire Uses And Benefits

PeelaPukhraj is one of the most powerful gemstone among nine (navaratna). It has the planetary energy as it symbolizes Jupiter. If used properly, it can benefit the owner in many ways of living mentally, physically and spiritually. For the better love life, business, financial status it provides many opportunities. So, nowadays it has been more common among the bigger personalities.

How to use Yellow sapphire?

This highly felicitous stone is meant to be used properly and effectively. As it holds the immense energy of planet Jupiter which is the ‘guru’ of all planets, it must be used in accordance to the impact on your natural energy. You should buy the stone from anywhere it is available when the Nakshatra is Vishakha, Punarvasu, Pushya, or PurvaBhadrapad and at the ascending cycle of moon(Shuklapaksha). The best day among seven to buy this yellow stone is on Thursday. Always be extreme cautious while buying and always choose an authentic dealer otherwise any duplicate stone may harm the owner.

Also be conscious that the best time to wear the stone is on Thursday morning according to the astronomy. Before embarking the stone into any metal consult and astrologer to choose the metal according to your astronomy, metal has also great impact. Sapphire worn on the Index finger on the right hand has the highest impact of the stone to the owner. North and east direction may be the best one for most of the people to face the head while wearing the powerful stone chanting the holy mantra several times, burning some incense sticks worshipping Jupiter. If a wearer meets all these procedure before and while wearing the yellow sapphire, good days are soon to come.

Source and price of yellow sapphire

Sri Lanka supplies the purest and best quality yellow sapphire to the Indian market. Besides, Thailand, Brazil, Myanmar, Australia, Tasmania, Cambodia, Pakistan also supplies natural yellow sapphires. Indian market is the biggest place to find the pure, natural yellow sapphires. And Sri Lankan yellow sapphire is the most demanded and sold yellow sapphire in the international market.

Pricing of the yellow sapphire varies with accordance to its grade. The various quality factors are responsible for the pricing different, like the transparency, color composition, shine variation, cutting style. More transparent the stone is, higher is its quality and hence costs higher. As it don’t have exact price so here are some ranges of the yellow sapphire stones;

Price of Standard Grade Yellow Sapphire: 3500 INR per Ratti or 5600 INR per carat
Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire: 4600 INR per Ratti or 7300 INR per carat
Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 7800 INR per Ratti or 13000 INR per carat
Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 10000 INR per Ratti or 16000 INR per carat

So the cost varies according to the quality of the stone. The more shiny and colorful the stone is more it costs in the market. It can be bought from online websites as well as from the authorized dealers from Indian market.

Be aware of the fake yellow sapphire

Don’t trust about the yellow stone to be cent percent natural. People are being handed over fake yellow sapphire frequently. Always get the gemstone from the trusted dealers or the ones you know wisely otherwise you may be fooled with some fake gemstones. Be cautious and smart and follow these points to find whether the stone is pure natural or fake:

  • Search for the tiny bubbles in the stone which are visible through the eyes. And be aware that a natural pure yellow sapphire doesn’t contain any bubbles.
  • Compare the gemstone with the yellow glass, often people are handed over a yellow glass instead of the yellow sapphire. Yellow glass is bigger and more colorful than a natural yellow sapphire.
  • Give attention to the edges, fake gemstone has the perfect and smooth edges. But a natural sapphire has complex cuts and sharp unfinished edges. We do not find a perfectly rounded edge on a pure gemstone, except some exception.

Always check the base of the stone. Often fake dealers stick some foils on the base to increase the reflection, making the stone brighter. So check if the foil is making the reflection or it is a natural pure gemstone.

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