3 Benefits of Honey: Weight Loss, Hair, and Skin

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3 Benefits of Honey

It’s impossible to walk into an Indian household and not find a jar of dark brown honey sitting on the shelf. It’s pretty much a staple item available in most kitchens! In fact, many people prefer substituting sugar with honey, as opposed to an alternative sugar-free variant. However, not many know that honey is more than just a saccharine, gooey liquid that makes everything taste infinitely better. A lesser-known fact about honey is that it is full of medicinal as well as nutritional properties. Not only does it have healing properties, but it’s also an ingredient in a number of hair care products. Let’s take a look at all the lesser-known benefits honey has to offer:

  1. A Remedy for Dandruff
    When it comes to hair care, honey is surprisingly beneficial. It is considered a wonderful home remedy for those who suffer from dandruff. Honey has natural properties that nourish hair and reduce dryness. Compared to other ingredients, honey is relatively more easily accessible if you’re planning on applying it directly to your hair. But if you want to avoid the hassle, Godrej Professional’s honey shampoo and mask offer similar benefits. It has antimicrobial properties and boosts your hair shine. The Quinoa Smooth Shampoo also has anti-dandruff properties.
  2. Honey Helps With Weight Loss
    Apart from hair care benefits, honey also has an uncanny ability to burn fat in your body. It is easy to be misled by the sweet taste and assume that honey is bad for you, but that really isn’t the case. Starting your day with a spoon of honey mixed in warm water helps increase metabolism. Another way to incorporate honey into your diet is to simply replace all sugar intake with honey instead. So, instead of adding that spoonful of sugar in your daily cuppa, try honey! According to Mike McInnes, the author of The Honey Diet, consumption of honey leads to more glucose produced by the liver, which makes the brain release hormones that burn fat.
  3. Honey Is Recommended for Eczema Patients
    Apart from dandruff, researchers have found that honey can have positive effects on various other skin conditions like eczema. This is because honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
  4. An Excellent Moisturizer
    Honey is a great natural moisturizer for your hair and your skin. If you like to experiment with homemade face packs, honey can be an easy ingredient to incorporate. Raw honey helps nourish dry and parched skin. Similarly, the use of Godrej shampoos, which have honey in them, helps keep your hair well-moisturized, thereby making it soft and shiny. Apart from honey shampoo, there is a whole range of other hair care products that replenish your hair with natural oils and guarantee lustrous locks!

The world of honey is full of possibilities. What makes it stand out from other natural ingredients is how easily it is available. Godrej Professional’s Honey Moisture Mask is made specifically for people with dry and damaged hair. Thankfully, all Godrej Professional products, that have honey, are sulfate-free and suitable for colored hair.

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