5 Key Elements To General Pool Care

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5 Key Elements To General Pool Care

Swimming pools are the best way to beat the heat during the hot summer seasons. But it is important to keep in mind that the swimming pools require a great deal of care as well as maintenance so that you can enjoy every dip during the scorching summer months. A lot of people try to care for the pools all by themselves, but if you want good results then opt for the best swimming pool maintenance Essex has to offer. Most of the professional swimming pool maintenance service providers give better results and squeaky clean pools.

The professional pool cleaning services uses the five main methods since they understand the significant aspects which are necessary for proper pool care management. Listed below are the five main elements which are necessary for general pool care.


Circulation is extremely important as well as necessary, and the water of the swimming pools must be circulated to increase the effectiveness of the sanitising process. It is quite simple to understand the fact that the more the water is circulated, any kind of bacteria or algae is not allowed to accumulate in the water. Also, circulating of the waters even captures a huge amount of debris. It is best to circulate the water during the day time continuously for 10 hours or even more than that.


Most of the swimming pools have an area where no circulation is done. Improper circulation leads to the desired growth of algae and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to cleanse the floors and the walls of the swimming pool by brushing and vacuuming it as it helps in removing the huge amount of debris that the filter sometimes misses out. It is important to note that brushing of the walls and the floors are crucial even after cleaning with the auto pool cleaners.

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Swimming pools have different attributes which are important to regularly measure as well as adjust. Among all of them, it is important to check the level of active sanitiser as well as pH level. Examining these two factors frequently helps in providing an idea about the bather load, product, as well as the weather is affecting the water. Most of the professional pool cleaning services recommend getting the water tested at least two or three times every week. It helps in maintaining the water balance and reduces a lot of problems with the pool water.


The process of filtration is one of the significant tools that helps in removing any kind of dirt and germs from the water. A filter is mostly backwashed as it helps in cleaning of any of the materials trapped in the filter media. This method of backwashing is mostly done when the filter reaches above the normal level of psi.


It is the final step in the pool maintenance as well as clearing process and involves the application of right products in the water since it helps in maintaining the hygiene of the pool water, balancing the water to safeguard the types of equipment as well as the pool surfaces, etc.

Hence, these are the five key elements and the ways which help in maintaining the general care for the pool as hygiene is extremely important to maintain.

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