5 Safety Tips for Kids in the Garage

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Kids in the Garage

Children are fueled by curiosity and will always wander around areas that promise excitement. When parents are preparing to welcome a baby, only a few remember to childproof the garage and basement, focusing on more frequently used rooms.

The garage, however, is used to store heavy tools, hazardous chemicals, and power equipment. All of which are capable of causing serious injury.

Since accidents are inevitable, parents should take the necessary precautions to ensure their children’s safety to their best ability.

Below are some helpful tips to aid the process:

Garage door safety measures.

Most houses have automated or remote control doors which are usually very heavy. It is crucial to ensure that kids stay away from these doors as they are a common cause of injury.

Alternatively, teach them how to operate the remote control. Make sure they practice with an adult until you are confident they can do it on their own without qualms.

Due to the many moving parts and tools, ensure you schedule a routine maintenance inspection. Confirm that all the levers and rollers are working fine and are well oiled.

Get professional maintenance services to keep your doors in good shape. Emphasize to your kids the importance of reporting any problems they notice with the door.

Proper storage arrangements.

We often stock all containers and tools in the garage, making the room somewhat crowded. Children will, therefore, find it easy to access everything they find on the floor.

When coming up with the design, ensure you get enough storage compartments. It is important to have a safe storage system where the flammables can be stored away from fire or gas.

 Built-in shelves are usually great for decluttering since they can be placed high above children’s reach. The overhead design has gained favour over time as it is fully childproof and creates more storage space.

Since you will not always be present, teach the older kids to always return containers and tools back to their reserved area. This will ensure the safety of the smaller kids.

Cleanup after use

 Most garage activities involve paints and oil. You should instil the culture of cleaning up after use to your children.  Emphasize the importance of doing this and delegate tasks for regular cleaning to the able kids.

Set consequences for anyone who leaves behind a dirty garage. This is mostly caused by tools strewn around the place and could potentially cost you if tools are lost or broken.

When coming up with flooring options, choose a flooring material that is resistant to stain and is easy to clean. This will make cleaning time easy and manageable for the little ones.

Toolbox and power equipment

Ensure all tools are kept together in a safe place away from the rest of the paraphernalia. This is to prevent accidents from any sharp tools. Make it clear that the toolbox is only to be used and touched with adult supervision.

As your children grow, gradually teach them how to use the tools on their own as firsthand lessons are generally cheaper.

Invest in plug locks for power equipment as they prevent children from being able to plug in unattended tools. Electrical accidents are potentially the worst and should be avoided at all costs.

Car safety.

Most people consider their garage a safe space and thus could be slack when locking their cars. This is a potential threat since children could find the car open and decide to enter and then get stuck in the car.

Also, they could jam their fingers in the door, causing tears and bruises. It is therefore important to keep your car locked all the time.

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