7 Major Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

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A website has become an essential part of enterprises and it is used for promotion as well as business transactions. People are using convenient platforms like WordPress to acquire a virtual interface. They are also migrating from other formats using services which convert HTML to WordPress theme. Even after getting on an SEO-friendly platform like WordPress many times website owners do not get the desired results. The conversion rate falls while the bounce rate of the website rises, making it necessary to address the issue. Let’s take a look at the reasons why visitors leave your website so that you can find suitable solutions.
7 Major Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website 3

1. Website Takes Too Much Time To Load

One of the foremost reasons due to which a website sees poor traffic is it takes too long to load. People abandon an interface if they have to wait for a long time for it to render. You must take all necessary measures to optimize the website to increase its speed. Start by choosing an efficient and reputable hosting service and enable browser caching. Moreover, select the images that are displayed on the website carefully and optimize them. Ensure that they are in the most appropriate format and file sizes before uploading them. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) will also be helpful in reducing the time taken by a web page to render.

2. The Interface Is Not Mobile-friendly

People are increasingly using smart devices to access internet instead of desktops which have necessitated that owners invest in mobile-friendly interfaces. A website primarily created for large screens will not render perfectly on small devices. This will lead to unsatisfactory user-experience and decline in visitor traffic. You must make the transition to a responsive website so that users remain engaged with the interface. Google has also started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor of interfaces. Responsive web design will help in keeping the user satisfaction at an optimum level. It will also ensure that the interface acquires a good position in search engine results pages.

3. Navigation Structure Is Inefficient

Navigation is the key to ensuring a satisfying experience to visitors and users must reach any location in minimum clicks. An inefficient navigation structure will confuse and irritate people who will move away from the website. This will increase the bounce rate of the interface and affect its overall performance. Try to think like your clients and then rearrange the navigation paths of the website. Moreover, also check if all the links are working perfectly and there are no broken links. This is a vital aspect that if ignored will cause the loss of valuable prospective customers and therefore must be addressed quickly.  

4.Poor Quality And Unreadable Content

Another vital reason why visitors leave your website is that of its poor-quality content. Owners must take a keen interest in the content that is being placed on their interface. They must invest in engaging professionals in creating original and useful content. Duplicate content is not only ethically wrong but it is also penalized by Google. The search engine giant also does not take a favorable view of indiscriminate keyword stuffing. Craft readable content with useful information and design eye-catching headlines which attract and engage readers.

5. Website Is Not Secure

People have become increasingly concerned about security breaches and tend to avoid unsafe websites. If you still have not installed an SSL certificate on your interface, do it now. This will enable the HTTPS encryption which will be visible to users in the URL. It will assure users of the secure nature of your interface and arouse confidence in them to visit it. Non-secure websites are also downgraded by Google harming their chances of appearing in top positions in its search results.

6. Website Design Is Unattractive And Unintuitive

Visual appeal is the key to creating a lasting first impression on people. This is essential to stand out from your competitors and establish a unique identity. At the same time, the design must also be functional and enable users to navigate intuitively to all areas. Try to keep the focus on the message you want to convey and remove distractions like pop-ups or auto-playing videos. Moreover, the information presented on the website must be in a clear and simple manner. Do not try to use loud colours or typography as it can harm the readability of the content.

7. Too Many Advertisements Placed On The Website

Advertisements are a good source of revenue but their indiscriminate placement will irritate visitors prompting them to move away. Try to limit the number of commercials displayed on the website and thoughtfully select their location. It will be pertinent to remember that people have come to the interface for its content and ads must not be a hindrance in accessing the content material. Pop-ups are another promotional device that is good for conversion but they must be accompanied by easy closing options.


A website is a very productive medium for revenue-generation but it needs constant monitoring to maintain its optimum efficiency. These are just some of the reasons why visitors leave your website and owners must conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify issues as soon as they notice a drop in visitor traffic. 
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