A Closer Look At The Trending Scott Bikes

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A Closer Look At The Trending Scott Bikes

The Spark 940 alloy works on the same tire design as the RC version but is more reliable with fine-tuning and geometry.

In last year’s XC racing bikes, the RC Spark version of RC Spark was brighter and earned first-class honors for the perfect combination of racing bikes and versatility.

This year we are testing the “standard” Spark 940. By running with a 120mm diameter towel dropper, XC racing and arcade raid lines merge.


The 940 has a remote control on Scott TwinLoc, providing three different motion settings. Full 120mm pull, short 85mm tensile mode, easy-to-click lever and rear suspension flowing between full locks. Shock the opposite anchor so that the remote cable is pushed gently inside the lower tube.

Initially, Scott reinforced the focus on Spark 940 with a strong Fox 34 rack fork despite the lower version of the pace. It comes with a damping cartridge with grip 3.

There is so much going on which makes it is easy to guess that the rear suspension response is inconsistent, but the 120mm fork has a remarkably smooth movement, and the development and form of the rear suspension is the right one because it is fully supported.


Scott Spark 1x SRAM Eagle combines a 12-speed rear GX engine with the latest NX box for the smooth and reliable gearbox. Scott does not mind mixing and adjusting the components. The 940 brakes are the Shimano SLX, which produces additional stopping power from the larger 180mm rear rotor. More than SRAM level brakes, especially in wet epics.

One unique and slightly disturbing aspect of Spark’s design is its reliance on Torquex screws. In addition to the tire hub, thanks to its Syncros component partner, it can also be used for all finish systems. Turk’s heads, even the most nimble, should avoid rounding up valuable stabilizers, which means you need the right multi-size tool to get the job done.

One of the cost-saving areas for Spark is the Syncros X-25S / Formula wheelset. This contributes to the added weight of the Epic Evo over 0.5 kg. It may be powerful, but these rims will have slow acceleration.

Sling your foot on Spark for the first time. Obviously, this is a bike lane and not a racing machine out. Another ride and an improved trail fork allow you to ride flat. It was a fun bike and when it was harder to ride, Spark was the bike everyone wanted. Given the landing ability, I was surprised at how well Spark could climb. This is not a flat type, a smooth type – it is the right technical penetration and the sharp artistic slope, not the special epic light wheels and tight rear suspension that makes the bike a characteristic of climbing fire. In this case, Scott’s active rear suspension is attached to the ground, providing a level of stability limited only by minimal rear tires.

I was also surprised at the difficulty of feeling much smaller bikes than measuring 460mm in size L. This can only be attributed to a 740mm bayonet.

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