All You Need to know about Photography Colleges.

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photography colleges

Photography means science or art of creating durable images. Thomas Wedgwood has invented photography in the year 1800. Photography has various types like portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, monochrome photography, fashion photography, food photography, etc. Photography is a way of making pictures using a camera. Photography isn’t only about clicking a picture, it means you are expressing a story by your own vision. It means you are framing a dynamic moment. Photography capture moments and turns it in memories. A real photographer takes an ordinary object and give it a story, then represent it by framing.


Photography is a concept of creation by observation. It has a various path in it. There are a lot of diploma photography courses in India. They are as follows: diploma in fashion and portrait photography, diploma in photography, diploma in still photography, diploma in professional photography. You can also do post-graduation by doing a postgraduate diploma in photography. Otherwise, you also can join in professional workshops. Photography is completely an inner creation and by all of these courses, a photographer just increases their skill more sharp than previous. Photography is also offered to do a bachelor’s degree in B.A within 3 years. Candidates who have completed their 10+2 examination can join for a photography course.

Colleges of photography:

A photographer must have clear knowledge about cameras, lenses, lights and props and kind of photography techniques. One should have a clear knowledge about angle, lighting, equipment’s and technology to make a good name in this field. The best photography colleges have situated in Mumbai (Maharashtra), and in Kolkata (West Bengal). Except this two there are a few more colleges in New Delhi, Chennai, Gujarat, and Hyderabad. After getting training from a renowned college the photographer can communicate more in visual terms.

Career options in photography:

In this field there are a lot of options are available. Such as photo retouching and digital technician, photojournalists, Art director, studio manager, freelancers, underwater photography, crime scene photographer, photography editors, interior design photographer, sports photographer, aviation photographer, researcher, teacher. Some employment area for photography is a newspaper, magazines, advertising agencies, government agencies, industrial houses, fashion houses, stock photography companies, website, law enforcement agencies, geological survey department, private detective agencies, the legal system, laboratories, and investigative services of the government, police, and architecture houses. A photographer working as an assistant photographer of a senior photographer can earn somewhere around Rs. 3500-6000 and higher.


To express emotions through photographers in a way so that others can understand it. Photography has a lot of specialized field like press photography, feature photography, editorial photography, commercial/industrial photography, portrait /wedding photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, digital photography fine arts photography, nature and wildlife photography, forensic photography, freelancing photography. The study of these fields is all about introduction to 35mm photography, light, lightning, and filters, creativity, workshops, seminars. Photography basically required an observant eye, intelligent, curious and a perceptive mind.  The best photography colleges in India has situated in Mumbai.

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