Are you on a road to gain muscles?

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road to gain muscles

Well diet is a key factor in muscle mass gain. This is to say you will have to adopt a certain way of eating your meals, and which of the foods to introduce in large amounts which to reduce.

Of course, diet alone will not work; you have to increase the volume of your muscle training as much as possible. In addition, it is true that without proper nutritional support however much muscle training you does, you will not make advances.

Protein is the major food component for muscle mass gain. However, you will need also carbohydrates and fats, which are sources of energy. Muscle gain requires energy and recovery. Carbohydrates as their name; energy giving foods provides energy which you will need to lift those heavy weights. Protein on the other hand helps in the recovery part and as it name; bodybuilding food, it helps in volume increment of the muscle.

Sources of carbohydrates required for energy are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, bananas, straw berries and grapes.

Sources of proteins on the other hand are eggs, chicken breast, salmon, turkey breast, fish, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds.

Sleeping is another key factor for muscle mass gain, it is essential for breaking your muscle growth. In addition, by sleeping that means enough of it. You also have to countercheck with your height and weight to determine how much calories you will need for efficient burning of Calorie. You have to ensure not to take too much or too little of the calories, just the correct amount.

You will include protein in all of your meals. Also, follow the pattern of short frequent meals like 6-8 meals a day. Followed by enough consumption of water every day.

Here are the tips of eating during muscle training

  • Make sure to include protein in each of your meal to boost your muscle mass. These proteins are majorly red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy milk.
  • Take vegetables and fruits for each of your meals, this is because most of them are low in calorie, therefore you can eat much to your full without gain of fat and weight. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, which is essential in digestion. Veggie diet is recommended when working on building of muscles
  • Drink enough water; strength training causes a lot of water loss in form of sweating which without replacement may impair muscle recovery.
  • Also, take small frequent meals like every 3hrs a day.

There is also natural compound produced by the body of a human beta-hydroxyl-beta-methyl butyl(HMB).This compound prevents muscle protein-breakdown therefore ensuring muscle growth also speeding exercise recovery. However, it is difficult to increase its levels from food sources alone, therefore introduction of enhance your muscle growth, and you can take HMB supplements alone or go for protein and Cretine powders, which contain HMB.

It has also been experimented that taking casein protein just before bed boosts men’s level of circulating amino acids thus muscle building takes place all night in sleep.

Creative helps not to directly grow muscle but boosts performances during high intensity workouts.  

Eating healthy diet and a push in strength training will enhance your fastness in building your muscles mass.

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