How to Cure Diabetes with Natural Remedies and Exercise

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Natural Remedies and Exercise

Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a condition that increases the blood sugar level in the body. It occurs when the human body can’t produce an adequate amount of insulin hormone or fails to use it properly. Diabetes is of 4 types – Type 1, Type 2, gestational and prediabetes. Heredity, lifestyle, excess weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and hormonal changes within the body, especially during pregnancy, can lead to diabetes. According to a report, 74.2 million people in India between the age group of 20 and 79 had diabetes in 2021, and by 2045, this number can reach up to 124.8 million. Thus, it is high time to learn how to cure diabetes and live a healthy life.

How to Cure Diabetes?

So, how to cure diabetes? Research says the condition is incurable, but a diabetic patient can remain in remission for a very long time. It means that their body will not show any symptoms of diabetes, although the condition will be technically still present in their body. Doctors are still working on what constitutes remission, but they consider A1C levels below 6% important. A1C levels indicate the blood sugar levels of an individual over three months.

Even if a person with diabetes maintains standard blood sugar levels for 10 years, doctors will consider their diabetes to be in remission instead of being fully cured. Accomplishing remission can be as convenient as changing diet and exercise routine.

Diabetic patients who manage the condition correctly, adhere to the proper diabetic diet, and keep their sugar levels in control can lead a healthy life.

Natural Ways of Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Some easy ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally are:

i) Follow a Diabetic Diet

Following a diabetic diet means eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts at a proper time. It includes high fibre-low carb foods and foods with a low glycemic index, such as lentils, seafood, whole grains like barley, brown rice, quinoa, legumes, fresh veggies, lean meat, fish, low-fat or fat-free cheese, milk, yoghurt, and different nuts.

Many people with diabetes lack minerals like magnesium and chromium and should eat chard, kale, broccoli, and collard greens.

ii) Limit Your Consumption of White Products 

White sugars and grains can cause insulin and blood sugar spikes. Processed sugars and grains can further result in weight gain and insulin resistance. Restricting or eliminating the use of white products, such as white rice, white bread, white pasta, and potatoes can prevent blood sugar and insulin levels from shooting.
iii) Exercise Regularly

Working out regularly can help improve insulin sensitivity, which helps the body use sugar in the bloodstream. Exercise for diabetes can also help lose weight, which is one of the best ways to control blood sugar levels. Try out different options like:

  • Walking: Brisk walking for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times during the day lowers stress and even keeps blood sugar levels under control.
  • Dancing: Shaking your legs or grooving for 25 minutes 3 days a week can ease stress, burn calories and lower blood sugar.
  • Swimming: This aerobic exercise works out the upper and lower body muscles without straining the joints. It restores heart health and helps diabetic patients burn calories.
  • Cycling: At least 30 minutes of cycling 3 or 5 times during the week will burn your blood sugar and help you lose weight without putting much stress on the joints and knees.
  • Strength Training: Squats, lunges, pushups and situps are some exercises you can do at home using a resistance band or free weight. Doing them 3-4 times a week can help you lower your blood sugar level.

iv) Manage Stress Levels

Hormones like cortisol and glucagon are secreted during stress and can lead to high blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetic patients must control stress with proper exercise for diabeteslike dancing, brisk walking, swimming, meditation and yoga, which will keep their blood sugar levels low.

v) Monitor Blood Sugar Levels Regularly

Monitoring and measuring blood sugar levels regularly can help determine whether a diabetic patient needs to adjust their medicines and meals.

Ayurvedic Solutions for Diabetes

Ayurveda has helped diabetic patients control their blood sugar levels and avoid other serious health complications. The best Ayurvedic solutions for diabetes include:

  • Bitter Gourd: It contains polypeptide-p, an insulin-like compound that reduces hyperglycaemia or blood sugar spikes.
  • Indian Gooseberry or Amla: It contains vitamin C and chromium, which enhance your insulin-response capacity by regulating carbohydrate metabolism and keeping blood sugar levels low.
  • Fenugreek: This herb offers benefits like lowering blood sugar levels, boosting the release of sugar-dependent insulin and improving glucose tolerance.


Regular exercise for diabetes and significant diet changes are crucial for managing the condition and promoting overall health. If you have other conditions apart from diabetes, consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine. Your doctor can help you stay safe and minimise your risk of injuries.

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