Artificial Intelligence: The technology at its best

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ai in hospitality

In the late 1950’s computers or machine technology combined with the customer data utilizing a huge range of functions, from basic customer service, simple work, personalized tasks, more advanced problem– solving, and even for sales process & direct marketing. The last decade has seen tremendous innovations & creation in the world of digital; one such upgrading technology is called‘’ Artificial Intelligence ‘’.

It is a concept where the machines can perform acts like a human being. It can raise issues, ask for the solution and also offer some of the most feasible options that one can go for. There are ample areas where this technology can play a pivotal role. However, here one must note that it is still in the primary stage, but it can be used in several fields in the coming days.

Artificial Intelligence entering the hotel industry

With the increase in the demand of the customers, it was becoming a tough task to manage & provide service on time. Seeing this many companies came up with the ai in hospitality platform where they could meet the customer expectation & reduce the manpower force. Hence its best features like voice-activated services, automatic data processing, digital assistance& travel experience enhancers, minute service to careful assistance. Everything was just within the single click made the customer more reliable, eco-friendly in the market. On the other hand, it is simple to operate also.

The journey started with Apple’s Siri, followed by Amazon echo and now Alexa, as well as Google home. The voice connectivity feature is so simple that any customer can make relevant food order, travel choice, journey pattern itinerary, location preferences, hotel rating inquiries, payments modes while sitting in the room only. The use of ai in video analytics also prove much useful as it can take care of various aspects of a video.

Customer care with a mobile app feature

People love and feel comfortable when they get absolute privacy at their hotel premises. Dedicated artificial intelligence mobile app emphases on customer stay, giving them the luxury to unlock their room, adjust room temperature, operate curtains, and order drinks, making tea and a lot more. Numerous service can be performed by one little click like ordering meal, suggesting and scheduling lunch & dinner, taxi booking, itinerary, planning for a trip, answering critical queries, recommending an interesting nearby location for sightseeing and managing evening reservations. The customers, on the other hand, have a lot of options and amazing phone features like GPS Capabilities, promotional offers, return travel booking services, Quick access to hotel assistances& access to unlimited data and international calls too.

Know your customer

The foremost things to satisfy the client is to know about his need and meeting the same. The hotels in the past year have put their best feet forward to make the premises best and a unique place to visit again, featuring fast online assistance, personalized options & recommendations, saving user preference and page visit, travel booking safe routes, advanced meal/drink preferences, room booking as well as reservations.

Artificial intelligence is much helpful in taking care of customers need and fulfilling the demand on time, its classification and management system proves helpful in a great deal in customer behavior.

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