Awakening Your Senses: Switching Off Autopilot and Engaging with Life

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Awakening Your Senses: Switching Off Autopilot and Engaging with Life 1

Stop whatever you are doing right now! Now let us perform a small activity. Think and take yourself back to an hour, five hours, or a day. Can you recall what you did all that time before? Were you aware of yourself, or were you just on autopilot? Well, most of you will not be able to recall whatever you were doing. Being on autopilot is the default setting for most of us.

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, in her book Becoming Flawesome, takes us on a journey to understand our autopilot mode and escape the rut. You must be thinking, why being on autopilot is not cool. What is the problem with it? Well, there is! In our short life, where we must be mindful and aware of things, we are nothing but a machine. Is that truly the way to live authentically?

Escaping The Rut – Breaking Chains From Routine

Today, we are living in a fast-paced society. In the internet and technology age, people are in a race. Hustle culture is rising, and everyone wants to grow and grow. Not just this, but we have programmed ourselves to be nothing more than just machines. Machines doing everything are programmed in the duration between sleep and being awake. Does that yield anything meaningful to you? Will that ever give you the ultimate satisfaction?

No. In addition, it will only add jealousy, competition, and the chase for perfectionism in you. Ultimately, the whole idea of being a human goes into vain. So, what can we do? How can we ensure that we truly live? Well, we will discuss it in the following section.

Being Mindful – The Recipe For A Good Life

So, what is it that we can do for a good life? Being mindful is the answer. Rather than being on autopilot and overthinking about the past or the future, we can be in the present moment. How to do it? Well, there are some tips that you can always keep in consideration:

  • There is a small activity that you can do now and then. After each hour, take five minutes for this. Take a break from whatever you are doing. Think about the present moment. See how far you have come in your activity, and then start back to whatever you were doing.

  • Being observant is another thing that you can do. Start observing things around you. From small things to big, observe everything. Do not judge; just observe. There is so much change you will observe in yourself.

These are some small activities that you can do to ensure that you stay mindful. What else?

Becoming Flawesome!

If you want to know more, you can read what Kristina says in her book. She takes us on a wonderful journey to our authentic selves. She explains every concept of mindful living beautifully, eventually helping you in # Becoming Flawesome. Get your book today and find your authentic self. You are just one read away from finding the true and satisfied version of yourself.

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