Best Places to Visit in Cali

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Best Places to Visit in Cali 1

Cali also known as Santiago de Cali is a vibrant and lively city located in southwestern Colombia. Renowned as the salsa capital of the world, Cali .

San Antonio Neighborhood:

Kickstart your journey by exploring the colorful and bohemian San Antonio neighborhood. This charming district is filled with narrow, cobblestone streets adorned with vibrant murals, quaint cafes, and artisan shops. Take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, admire the colonial architecture, and soak in the artistic ambiance. Don’t miss the iconic San Antonio Church, which offers panoramic views of the city.

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Cali’s Historic Center:

The historic center of Cali, known as La Merced, is a treasure trove of colonial architecture and rich history. Visit the Cali Cathedral, a stunning neoclassical church that dominates the skyline. Explore the nearby Plaza de Caicedo, a bustling square surrounded by historic buildings, including the Palacio de Justicia and the Gobernación del Valle del Cauca. Take a moment to visit the Museo Arqueológico La Merced, which houses a fascinating collection of pre-Columbian artifacts.

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Cali Zoo:

For a fun and educational experience, head to Cali Zoo, one of the most renowned zoos in South America. Spanning over 10 hectares, this zoo is home to a diverse range of animal species, including jaguars, elephants, hippos, and exotic birds. Explore the different sections of the zoo, such as the African Savannah and the Amazon Rainforest, and learn about wildlife conservation efforts. Don’t miss the animal shows and feeding sessions, which provide an up-close encounter with the fascinating creatures.

Cristo Rey:

Perched atop the Cerro de los Cristales hill, the iconic Cristo Rey statue offers panoramic views of Cali and its surrounding landscapes. This 26-meter-tall statue of Christ is a symbol of peace and protection for the city. To reach the statue, you can hike or drive up the hill, enjoying the lush greenery and breathtaking vistas along the way. Once at the top, take a moment to admire the stunning views of Cali’s sprawling urban landscape.

Caliwood Museum:

Immerse yourself in the world of Colombian cinema at the Caliwood Museum. This unique museum showcases the history of Colombian film and pays tribute to the country’s cinematic heritage. Explore the exhibits that include vintage film cameras, costumes, props, and memorabilia from iconic Colombian movies. The museum also hosts film screenings and events, providing an opportunity to appreciate Colombian cinema firsthand.

Gato de Tejada:

Make a stop at the Gato de Tejada, a famous bronze sculpture created by Hernando Tejada. This oversized cat statue has become a beloved symbol of Cali and is located in a park bearing its name. Take a stroll around the park, relax on the benches, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. The Gato de Tejada is also illuminated at night, creating a magical ambiance that shouldn’t be missed.

Pance River and Nature Reserve:

Escape the bustling city and venture into the serene natural beauty of the Pance River and Nature Reserve. Located just outside of Cali, this tranquil oasis offers lush forests, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque waterfalls. Take a refreshing dip in the river, go hiking through the nature trails, or have a picnic amidst the breathtaking scenery. The Pance River and Nature Reserve provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and unwind.

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Salsa Clubs:

Cali is complete without experiencing its renowned salsa culture. Cali is home to numerous salsa clubs where you can immerse yourself in the rhythms and dance moves of this vibrant genre. Put on your dancing shoes and head to places like Tin Tin Deo or La Topa Tolondra for an unforgettable night of salsa dancing. Even if you’re not an experienced dancer, don’t be afraid to join in and let the music move you.

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