Basic Guide To Choose A Jacket in 2019

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The cold is here to stay and the winter jackets are officially installed in our cabinets. Coats of hair, raincoats, down, jeans with sheep … and the latest trends in jackets. And although the main function of a jacket is to protect us from the cold, they are also conferred as the complement par excellence of all our looks.
Basic Guide To Choose A Jacket in 2019 3

The summer days were already in the past and we fully entered the fall season, which has been felt with its characteristic cold days. The low temperatures and occasionally some drizzles are part of the landscape that faces in this time of year that is quite cold, but this is no excuse to leave aside the glamor and style.
Light clothing is no longer enough and it is time to take jackets and coats to whether the low temperatures and make the transition from summer to autumn. It is in this sense that the jackets of jeans and coats become infallible of this station.
If you are thinking about buying kids snow jackets, it is important that you know that not everything is worth it. There are many variables to take into account to get the men’s winter jacket that best suits you and the sport you are going to practice, that’s why we created this guide with 3 important points:



In the snow we do not tend to be quiet, we move and sweat. That is why it is important that the kid’s snow jackets are breathable, to evacuate the steam from our body and feel dry. But it is not all or nothing, there are degrees of breathability according to our needs.


It is important to know the capacity of repulsion to water that our coat has. At this point, we must assess the degree of breathability and permeability that we will need in our output, taking into account that they are inversely proportional, that is, the greater the breathability, the less impervious the jacket will be. So an efficient hunter would be the balance between these two characteristics.


a.    Softshell

The name of these garments comes from ‘hardshell’, high mountain garments for extreme conditions, which are less comfortable, heavy and difficult to store. The softshell is the opposite, the combination of breathability, elasticity, and impermeability that protect from cold, wind and a light rain, are the key to its success.

A tissue composed of three membranes:
     Exterior: Water resistance
     Intermediate: Windproof function
     Interior: Allows a good thermal regulation thanks to its wool fiber

                  b.   Gore-Tex

It is a fabric composed of a combination of special membranes that combine the lightness and impermeability that protects from water, wind, and cold in a single material. Its ability to breathe makes it the most used material in the practice of mountain sports, especially in boots.

Thanks to a special treatment of the fabrics, the men’s winter jackets that have this technology has a high resistance to water. Its hydrophobic water-repellent fabric does not soak or conserve moisture and provides greater comfort thanks to its ability to breathe.
In addition, we leave you other details that you should pay attention to when buying kids snow jackets:

     That the seams and zippers are heat sealed, to prevent the entry of water.
     That has interior gaiter for more protection against snow.
     That the cuffs and the hood are adjustable.

     That has ventilation dorsal zippers is a plus, because they facilitate the evacuation of indoor humidity.
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